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Start by considering carefully who you are designing for, which features they currently struggle with and what they feel would benefit them.

Then research suitable products, bearing in mind that the way you normally approach a kitchen design and the products you often specify may well not be suitable. Even something as simple as the choice of handle may make a significant difference to a less able person.

Will the area you are designing also be used by other people? If so, what are their needs? It’s so important to ensure the end design works well for everybody.

Although functionality is of prime importance, the design must still be appealing, taking current trends, styles and colours into consideration.

Technology will undoubtedly be important, too. Depending on your customer’s budget, the latest electrical gadgets such as motion technology could be very important, for example, to control lighting and sounds remotely.
For further inspiration on designing a disabled access space, view the Kbsa website>>

We’ve a couple of product suggestions for you:

SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical drive opening support system for drawers and pull-outs. By combining this feature with BLUMOTION, for a silent and effortless closing action, new levels of motion quality have been created. Users will be amazed by the ease of use, quality and freedom of motion.

SERVO-DRIVE Flex can be used with any standard integrated refrigerator, combination fridge/freezer, freezer or dishwasher. Simple to assemble, it is installed in four easy steps and, thanks to plug and play, does not require a qualified electrician. There are flexible options to suit the differing requirements of each appliance type as well as built-in features such as automatic self-closing and lean protection. Lean protection enables the system to differentiate between short pressing actions and longer leaning actions, preventing the accidental triggering of the opening system.

SERVO-DRIVE UNO allows you to combine the WESCO soft closing Pullboy Z waste bin with the electrical drive opening support of the BLUM SERVO-DRIVE. You may not have SERVO-DRIVE in the rest of the kitchen as this may be outside your customer’s budget, but you could make life a little bit easier by adding it to their waste bin to enable a hands-free opening system.


PEKA Pegasus:
No Shelf Too High - The Pegasus lift system for wall units provides easy access to items that may be stored in high cupboards. It takes minimum effort as all the weight is supported by the mechanism, making it a real joy to use. The pull-down handle makes it easy to pull the contents of the cupboard down to a height that is easy to view. Furthermore, with the ability to hold up to 20KG, Pegasus provides plenty of usable and stable storage space.

PEKA Magic Corner:
Creating a barrier free kitchen or living space. The PEKA Magic Corner Comfort makes use of those awkward corner cupboards by bring the contents out of the corner cabinet allowing easy access. No more peering around that corner cupboard or foraging around at the back hoping you might find the item you are looking for. With a height adjustable handle, it makes light work of pulling and pushing the mechanism in and out of the cupboard. With the addition of soft close it also has the benefit of a silent, free flowing motion.


With dimmer controllers, door sensors and colour changing remotes, the options are endless when it comes to lighting. The benefit of our LED lighting range from Leyton Lighting is that it is energy efficient and there are types that can be safely installed into humid environments but still have the same great design features. The range also enables you to create sensory environments and set lighting levels to the individual’s needs.
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From now until Stock lasts , you can save up to 40% on two of the most popular built-in waste bins from Wesco.
The Wesco Shorty is designed to fit 500 and 60mm width cabinets, it has two separate compartments and can hold up to 30 litres. During the promotion, the Wesco Shorty will be offered at £34.99, a saving of 30%.
Also on offer is the Wesco Big Boy, the 64 litre bin for 400mm width cabinets. The special promotional price for this large capacity bin is £59.99, representing a 40% discount.
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Celebrity Wesco Pushboy makes yet another appearance on primetime television!
Not content with its starring role in the recent Juan Sheet commercial, the Wesco Pushboy was spotted on television again this morning.

Today’s appearance saw the bright orange version of the classic Wesco Pushboy (50L) waste bin taking a colour-coordinated role in Lorraine’s kitchen as an Asian turkey soup was prepared.
Whatever your kitchen style or colour, there’s a Wesco bin solution to match.

Great to see a fantastic three page spread on the new Interiors 12 showroom in Reading in this month’s edition of kbbreview.
Run by an enthusiastic and ambitious team, the 5,000 sq ft showrooom contains a fabulous range of inspirational room sets.

Particularly eye-cathing and a real crowd-puller is their quirky American-style diner in bright pink, accessorised with a range of kitchen storage items and gadgets from Wesco’s Living Colours Collection in Pink, available exclusively in the UK from LDL. 

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Founded as a family company in 1867, Westermann & Co can look back on 145 years of company history.

Today, the Wesco brands stands for a combination of exceptional German quality, exclusive design and high tech functionality. Long experience in metal manufacturing and design gives Wesco products their unique appeal.

Soon after its establishment in 1867, the company began to specialise in the processing of metal plates for household goods and the product range has developed continuously ever since.

In the 1920s, Wesco introduced the "ash can" into its product range and then launched its first "pedal” bin.

Today, the range of household goods includes more than 50 waste bins in various designs. Some of these products are modelled on the classic precursors which have inspired the use of classic design elements in the development of modern products.

Wesco design is characterised by the company's long-standing experience with metal as working material. It is this familiarity with the material that enables the company to shape it in a new and exciting way.

Colour is now a key feature of the Wesco product range with the introduction of the Living Colours Collection in 2012. Indeed, the classic Wesco 50 litre swing bin in pillar box red is currently starring in a television commercial –  http://blog.ldlonline.co.uk/BlogDetail/7925/As-seen-on-TV-

Wesco also offers an extensive range of built in kitchen bins including the market leading Pullboy Z, an excellent solution for a large capacity, completely hidden waste bin.

All of these ranges are available from LDL Components either from stock or on a special order basis.


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Sharing top billing with Juan Sheet, the cleaning superhero who repeatedly saves the day on our television screens, is the classic Wesco 50 litre swing bin in pillar box red.
In this latest ad for the super-strong kitchen towel brand Plenty, Juan is faced with restoring a bespattered bin to its former pristine glory.

Needless to say, just one sheet of the paper towel does the trick and the iconic bin is left looking stunning.  

Or as Juan Sheet puts it ‘Now it sparkle like diamond!’

See the  Ad here :    http://www.plenty.co.uk/TVAds/Index/1


LDL’s latest seasonal promotion focuses firmly on rubbish and includes special offers on selected PEKA and WESCO fully integrated kitchen waste solutions.

These are available in a comprehensive range of capacities and styles, including the new 84 litre WESCO Pullboy Z system designed to fit a 600mm cabinet and the new PEKA Mullboy door mounted circular bin.
Running from now until 31 August, the summer promotion also includes the WESCO Kickmaster 33 litre freestanding bin which is available in an array of dazzling colours as well as more conventional choices.
As an added bonus, any order exceeding £250 qualifies for an additional £25 discount.
Encouraging news from Bath & North East Somerset council which reports in the Summer 2012 edition of Connect that over half of household waste in the region is now recycled.
With our Head Office based in Bath, we are delighted at the various initiatives the council has introduced to encourage householders to sort their rubbish. Our current product range also reflects the surging interest in recycling as we now stock over 50 waste solutions in a comprehensive selection of formats and capacities, many of which are fully integrated and therefore completely concealed behind a door front.

Read the full article on page 16 of the Summer 2012 Connect Magazine 


Previewed on the LDL stand at kbb2012, the new PEKA Mullboy Big is a large capacity, round bin offering a number of design features. With a generous 40 litre capacity as opposed to the usual 15 litre for similar door mounted bins, the PEKA Mullboy Big is designed to swing right out of the unit when the door is opened while the lid lifts automatically and remains in the cupboard, thereby making it very easy to access.
The fixing system for the new bin can be mounted on the left or right wall of the cupboard so that there is no strain on the door's hinges. Different bag sizes up to a circumference of 110cm may be used and are kept firmly in place by the sturdy overflow ring.
Designed for use with cabinets of a minimum external width of 500mm, the bin (depth 385mm x height 510mm) can also be used with other PEKA internal accessories where the width is 600mm. 
The new PEKA Mullboy Big is available exclusively from LDL Components Ltd from mid May 2012
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LDL Components has extended its range of waste solutions with the introduction of the new 84 litre capacity Pullboy Z waste system from leading German manufacturer Wesco. This new addition to the popular Pullboy Z range is divided into 2 x 42 litre bins and can also be used with a full extension storage tray that sits above giving easy access to sponges, cloths, dishwasher tablets, etc. 
Designed to fit a 600mm wide kitchen cabinet, the new model is intended for use with a Blum Tandembox drawer, in common with the rest of the Pullboy Z range, and is therefore soft closing. It is also available with the Blum Servo-Drive touch control door system, the perfect solution when hands are full as a simple tap with the knee will open the door.
The Wesco range of Pullboy Z waste solutions allows the designer to incorporate a concealed waste bin into a cabinet without interrupting the clean lines of the kitchen design and with the continuity of a BLUM drawer system throughout. The full range now includes over 80 different types of built-in bin options to fit 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm carcase sizes with capacities ranging from 36 litres to the new 84 litres.
The main UK distributor for Wesco, LDL has also recently launched the Wesco Living Colours collection. This range of brightly-coloured household accessories for kitchens and bathrooms is available in the UK exclusively from LDL.
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