Start by considering carefully who you are designing for, which features they currently struggle with and what they feel would benefit them.

Then research suitable products, bearing in mind that the way you normally approach a kitchen design and the products you often specify may well not be suitable. Even something as simple as the choice of handle may make a significant difference to a less able person.

Will the area you are designing also be used by other people? If so, what are their needs? It’s so important to ensure the end design works well for everybody.

Although functionality is of prime importance, the design must still be appealing, taking current trends, styles and colours into consideration.

Technology will undoubtedly be important, too. Depending on your customer’s budget, the latest electrical gadgets such as motion technology could be very important, for example, to control lighting and sounds remotely.
For further inspiration on designing a disabled access space, view the Kbsa website>>

We’ve a couple of product suggestions for you:

SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical drive opening support system for drawers and pull-outs. By combining this feature with BLUMOTION, for a silent and effortless closing action, new levels of motion quality have been created. Users will be amazed by the ease of use, quality and freedom of motion.

SERVO-DRIVE Flex can be used with any standard integrated refrigerator, combination fridge/freezer, freezer or dishwasher. Simple to assemble, it is installed in four easy steps and, thanks to plug and play, does not require a qualified electrician. There are flexible options to suit the differing requirements of each appliance type as well as built-in features such as automatic self-closing and lean protection. Lean protection enables the system to differentiate between short pressing actions and longer leaning actions, preventing the accidental triggering of the opening system.

SERVO-DRIVE UNO allows you to combine the WESCO soft closing Pullboy Z waste bin with the electrical drive opening support of the BLUM SERVO-DRIVE. You may not have SERVO-DRIVE in the rest of the kitchen as this may be outside your customer’s budget, but you could make life a little bit easier by adding it to their waste bin to enable a hands-free opening system.


PEKA Pegasus:
No Shelf Too High - The Pegasus lift system for wall units provides easy access to items that may be stored in high cupboards. It takes minimum effort as all the weight is supported by the mechanism, making it a real joy to use. The pull-down handle makes it easy to pull the contents of the cupboard down to a height that is easy to view. Furthermore, with the ability to hold up to 20KG, Pegasus provides plenty of usable and stable storage space.

PEKA Magic Corner:
Creating a barrier free kitchen or living space. The PEKA Magic Corner Comfort makes use of those awkward corner cupboards by bring the contents out of the corner cabinet allowing easy access. No more peering around that corner cupboard or foraging around at the back hoping you might find the item you are looking for. With a height adjustable handle, it makes light work of pulling and pushing the mechanism in and out of the cupboard. With the addition of soft close it also has the benefit of a silent, free flowing motion.


With dimmer controllers, door sensors and colour changing remotes, the options are endless when it comes to lighting. The benefit of our LED lighting range from Leyton Lighting is that it is energy efficient and there are types that can be safely installed into humid environments but still have the same great design features. The range also enables you to create sensory environments and set lighting levels to the individual’s needs.
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Make the most of limited storage space and let the PEKA Kitchen Tower can be your own ‘personal toolbox’.

Peka are a dynamic, independent manufacturing and trading company with an in-depth and hard-won knowledge of the kitchen trade. They have certainly thought of everything with the new Kitchen tower.

In the two most popular colours, white and anthracite, the PEKA Kitchen Tower is available to fit both 450mm and 600mm base cabinets and comprises a flexible storage system for the interior offering a better use of space than conventional drawers. With easy access from three sides and above, and a clear view of all contents, Kitchen Tower is designed to accommodate all shapes and sizes whilst making excellent use of awkward spaces. The tiered storage comprises an upper level of plastic trays with adjustable dividers for smaller items and a four-section spice dispenser with transparent lid. The lower level has a non-slip mat and is ideal for large items such as tall bottles and pans which can be separated using the magnetic dividers. There is also clip-on side storage for large and small chopping boards.

Offering famous Swiss quality and innovation the Peka Kitchen Tower makes use of those awkward spaces and is practical down to the last detail.

Every kitchen is full of utensils, cookware, dishes, cutlery and spices that are only used occasionally. We tend to use the same utensils and ingredients day to day. Wouldn't it be practical if we could store them all in the same cupboard? The Kitchen Tower is the perfect solution!

Work efficiently, cook efficiently, have your most used kitchen tools right at your fingertips.

To find out more about the Peka Kitchen tower, you can view them on our website >>
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LDL Components Ltd, the sole UK agent and distributor for PEKA, now offers the brand new PEKA Basik range from the Swiss manufacturer of high quality wirework storage solutions.
Designed to offer the famous PEKA combination of craftsmanship and ingenious design at an extremely competitive price, the first two products in the range are the PEKA Basik Magic Corner and the Tall Larder.

Both feature PEKA ClickFixx system which dramatically cuts assembly time, integrated Soft Close and smart silver baskets with fully co-ordinating frame and runner.
The larder unit has a telescope frame to fit cabinet heights from 1665 – 2100mm and is available in 300mm and 400mm widths. The design of the pull-out system allows access to the entire cabinet from both sides and offers a clear view of contents on all levels. Shelves can be pulled out and replaced easily owing to the smooth and sturdy 3/4 extending running motion.
The Magic Corner solution, designed to make the very best use of available space in inaccessible corners, opens in one continuous motion and is available in left hand and right hand versions. With four baskets, it has an adjustable frame to suit door widths 450 to 600mm and 900 to 1000mm. 
LDL Managing Director Matthew Lord expects the new Basik range to broaden the appeal of the PEKA collection by making it accessible for all budgets.
Blog Peka Basik.jpg
LDL is celebrating all things PEKA during March with National PEKA Month, a month long promotion including special offers, display incentives, free gifts and the opportunity to win a luxury weekend for two in Switzerland.
LDL, the nationwide distributor of premium fittings and accessories for the fitted furniture industry, is the sole UK agent and distributor for PEKA, the Swiss manufacturer of a comprehensive range of innovative wirework storage solutions and accessories.
As well as special promotions, LDL will also be introducing a series of brand new products from this leading international manufacturer during March.
For further information on National PEKA month, please visit the
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This shocking statistic comes from an article by BLUM on the new K&B Network website.

It’s a terrible thought that over half of new kitchen owners are disappointed with the lack of storage.

Chances are they focused too much on the look of the kitchen rather than the actual day-to-day functioning.

Although this is probably quite understandable on the part of the consumer, it is where the knowledgeable retailer can not only help but also ultimately increase the order value of the kitchen sale by highlightingng and demonstrating the many storage solutions available.

Under expert advice is this piece from BLUM:

K&B Network Expert Advice.jpg

The PEKA Sesam storage system for cleaning cupboards, available exlusively in the UK from LDL Components Ltd, has been awarded the coveted Rod Dot award for Product Design 2012.

According to the statement from the judging panel "the consistently functional syste of this robust cleaning cupboad stroage system offers convincing user benefits".

Sesam, part of the new PEKA Libell storage range, is a side-mounted, clip-on system that utilises and organises the whole cupboard space.

There is even room to store an ironing board or clothes airer beside the system. The hose/broom holder, shelves and hooks are all height-adjustable, depending on the items being stored.

Each shelf has smooth, rounded edges and clips on and off easily for cleaning and repositioning. The closed base prevents bottles from falling over or smaller items falling out.

Previewed on the LDL stand at kbb 2012, Libell is a unique storage concept combining the PEKA mechanism with stylish drawer and door interior solutions formed from a single piece of sheet metal, creating an integrated unit.

Available in grey or white, the Libell Sesam includes one shelf system, three shelves, two clip-on hooks and one vacuum hose holder. The dimensions are 230/365mm (depth) x 351mm (width) x 752mm (height).
We were delighted to welcome the PEKA tour bus and many key customers to our headquarters in Bath last week and our Distribution Centre in Glossop this week.

This mobile display unit is fitted with all the latest PEKA storage innovations for the kitchen and bathroom, including the new Libell range which is exclusive to LDL in the UK.
After visiting us, the tour bus set off on a nationwide tour of the UK aiming to visit around six customers per day.
The bus offered us the perfect opportunity to present the PEKA range in person to both local and national customers and we were very pleased indeed with the enthusiastic response from everyone, particularly to the Libell range.
Previewed at kbb 2012, Libell is a new and unique storage concept combining the superior PEKA mechanism with stylish drawer and door interior solutions formed from a single piece of sheet metal.

The full launch of the Libell range will take place later in the year.
We’d like to welcome you aboard the PEKA tour bus on Thursday 13 September.

This mobile display unit will be at our headquarters from 10 am and is fitted with all the latest PEKA storage innovations for the kitchen and bathroom, including the new Libell range.
The official tour takes place between 4pm and 8pm but if you would like an earlier individual viewing, please contact us for an appointment.
We do hope you can join us on the day.

Not only will you see all the latest PEKA products, you’ll meet the LDL team, have the opportunity to take advantage of some fantastic special offers on the Libell range and take part in our exciting draw to win an enticing selection of great prizes.

As leading innovators in ergonomic storage solutions, PEKA invented the versatile Magic Corner unit in the 1980s.

This ingenious concept, designed to maximise all the available space in corner cabinets, has been through many changes but the basic principle remains the same – a swing-out storage system giving easy and immediate access to all items.

When the Magic Corner was first introduced sales were initially slow as the market was dominated by carousels and it took a while for the tremendous potential of the product to be fully appreciated.


1985: First introduced
1988 and 1992: Technical improvements
2000: Magic Corner Flex introduced
2003: Magic Corner Comfort introduced
2004: Magic Corner Standard enhanced
2008: Clip fix technology introduced to all versions
2009:  Magic Corner Swing introduced, a new, easier to assemble model with enhanced features to significantly reduce the installation time. The new clip-on front effectively halves assembly time and the clever use of technology means the unit can be built and adjusted quickly and easily, entirely without tools. The unit, available in left and right hand options, has excellent sliding properties and also benefits from the Slow Stop Plus soft-closing system.

The PEKA Magic Corner has five international patents on various parts and the name Magic Corner is Trademarked.

If, therefore, you buy an item marketed as a Magic Corner that is not actually made by PEKA in Switzerland or supplied by their partner in Germany Kessebohmer then it is not the genuine article.

Caveat emptor!
Magic Corner History.jpg
Rooting around in kitchen cupboards trying to find something is both time-wasting and frustrating. Investing in internal storage solutions for your cabinets will not only maximise your space but also bring welcome order and method to your kitchen.
It’s particularly important to organise the contents of your base cupboards as these can be the most awkward for you to access. It’s virtually impossible to see what’s hiding at the back of the cupboard so pull-out solutions are definitely the best option, allowing you to spot the item you’re looking for instantly and extract it easily without having to take other items out, too.
PEKA and Linea wirework trays and baskets are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit all base units starting with racks for bottles and jars and storage for tea towels and trays in 150mm units.
You’ll also find options for angled and curved doors, clever corner solutions cabinets and an array of undersink models to keep cleaning materials safely and neatly stored. For country kitchens, there’s a choice of wicker baskets for keeping vegetables stored at the correct temperature.
If you have an island or a peninsular unit, there is the ingenious Riverso drawer which can be accessed from either side for your convenience. And if you like to do the ironing in the kitchen, you can even conceal a pull-out ironing board in your base cabinet.
Simplify your life by making the most of your kitchen storage!
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