Start by considering carefully who you are designing for, which features they currently struggle with and what they feel would benefit them.

Then research suitable products, bearing in mind that the way you normally approach a kitchen design and the products you often specify may well not be suitable. Even something as simple as the choice of handle may make a significant difference to a less able person.

Will the area you are designing also be used by other people? If so, what are their needs? It’s so important to ensure the end design works well for everybody.

Although functionality is of prime importance, the design must still be appealing, taking current trends, styles and colours into consideration.

Technology will undoubtedly be important, too. Depending on your customer’s budget, the latest electrical gadgets such as motion technology could be very important, for example, to control lighting and sounds remotely.
For further inspiration on designing a disabled access space, view the Kbsa website>>

We’ve a couple of product suggestions for you:

SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical drive opening support system for drawers and pull-outs. By combining this feature with BLUMOTION, for a silent and effortless closing action, new levels of motion quality have been created. Users will be amazed by the ease of use, quality and freedom of motion.

SERVO-DRIVE Flex can be used with any standard integrated refrigerator, combination fridge/freezer, freezer or dishwasher. Simple to assemble, it is installed in four easy steps and, thanks to plug and play, does not require a qualified electrician. There are flexible options to suit the differing requirements of each appliance type as well as built-in features such as automatic self-closing and lean protection. Lean protection enables the system to differentiate between short pressing actions and longer leaning actions, preventing the accidental triggering of the opening system.

SERVO-DRIVE UNO allows you to combine the WESCO soft closing Pullboy Z waste bin with the electrical drive opening support of the BLUM SERVO-DRIVE. You may not have SERVO-DRIVE in the rest of the kitchen as this may be outside your customer’s budget, but you could make life a little bit easier by adding it to their waste bin to enable a hands-free opening system.


PEKA Pegasus:
No Shelf Too High - The Pegasus lift system for wall units provides easy access to items that may be stored in high cupboards. It takes minimum effort as all the weight is supported by the mechanism, making it a real joy to use. The pull-down handle makes it easy to pull the contents of the cupboard down to a height that is easy to view. Furthermore, with the ability to hold up to 20KG, Pegasus provides plenty of usable and stable storage space.

PEKA Magic Corner:
Creating a barrier free kitchen or living space. The PEKA Magic Corner Comfort makes use of those awkward corner cupboards by bring the contents out of the corner cabinet allowing easy access. No more peering around that corner cupboard or foraging around at the back hoping you might find the item you are looking for. With a height adjustable handle, it makes light work of pulling and pushing the mechanism in and out of the cupboard. With the addition of soft close it also has the benefit of a silent, free flowing motion.


With dimmer controllers, door sensors and colour changing remotes, the options are endless when it comes to lighting. The benefit of our LED lighting range from Leyton Lighting is that it is energy efficient and there are types that can be safely installed into humid environments but still have the same great design features. The range also enables you to create sensory environments and set lighting levels to the individual’s needs.
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We often get asked by customers why they should pay extra to buy an Evoline item rather than one of the generic copies that are everywhere.
After a very interesting training session with Mark Claret of Schulte Electro Systems, the German manufacturers of Evoline, it all becomes clear.
Every single item that is manufactured by Schulte is individually line tested by computer and will not leave the factory until it has passed all of the quality control tests.
The plastic used on the fascia is not recycled and therefore is non flammable unlike some competitive products which use recycled (admittedly greener) plastic which can be flammable.
Where USB chargers are installed they charge at 700ma, not 500ma like most of their competitors, essential if you want to charge something like an ipad.
You will also note that the plugs themselves are inserted upside (down?) whereas a lot of competitors products are angled , this is to ensure that the cable cannot be bent and is under no strain at any time.
There are many other safety features incorporated as well which are not immediately obvious: where the cable exits the base, the type of grommet used means that it cannot be pulled out; the channel in which the port runs also act as a drainage channel for small spillages, and the sockets themselves sit slightly proud of the housing, again to stop liquid ingress.
This, combined with the ability to provide virtually any combination of sockets, data and USB ports to special order, makes the Evoline range the most comprehensive on the market.

Adam Wheeler
Sales Office Manager
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LDL is celebrating all things PEKA during March with National PEKA Month, a month long promotion including special offers, display incentives, free gifts and the opportunity to win a luxury weekend for two in Switzerland.
LDL, the nationwide distributor of premium fittings and accessories for the fitted furniture industry, is the sole UK agent and distributor for PEKA, the Swiss manufacturer of a comprehensive range of innovative wirework storage solutions and accessories.
As well as special promotions, LDL will also be introducing a series of brand new products from this leading international manufacturer during March.
For further information on National PEKA month, please visit the
Peka Month.jpg
Easyfix self-adhesive LED lighting tape is the latest addition to the Linea range of lighting solutions from LDL.

This versatile lighting tape can be installed in four simple steps and is available in two different formats to suit both task and ambient lighting situations.
10mm ultra high output tape offers a powerful 864 – 952 lumen per metre and is perfect for task lighting, whereas the 8mm standard tape with 288 – 317 lumen per metre is ideal for ambient lighting.
Sold in 100cm lengths, the tape can then be cut in 100mm increments and re-joined with connectors. Both types have 60 diodes per metre and are available in a choice of cool white or warm white.
LDL Components Ltd has extended its range of LED lighting solutions with the new Linea range of recessed, semi-recessed angled and surface mounted display profiles, ideal for 
use in kitchens, studies, wardrobes, dressing rooms and also shop interiors.
Available to order in any size up to two metres, the new profiles are aluminium with a polycarbonate cover and are supplied with a two metre input cable, plug and end caps. 
Any LED tape from the LDL range can be used with the profiles, including the new high output tape. With 60 LEDs per metre, this self-adhesive tape is available in a choice of 
Warm White or Cool White.
Also available for use with the new profiles and either 12v or 24v tape is a dimmer with remote control facility. The control works within a 15 metre range and will 
automatically restore the brightness level to the last memory function.
LED lighting 1.jpg
LDL Components Ltd, the nationwide distributor of furniture fittings, is using the first Kx v.10 event to launch a whole new range of kitchen storage and accessory solutions.
Kx v.10, the new UK trade event for kitchen components, was initiated by Matthew Lord, founding director of LDL Components, in response to demand from retailers for a specialist event. Matthew comments, “There has been a conspicuous gap in the market for such an event for some years now so it seemed logical to invite leading manufacturers and distributors to showcase their latest product innovations at a central UK venue.”
LDL Components, formerly LDL, is now in its seventh year as one of the UK’s leading nationwide distributors of quality fittings for the fitted furniture industry.
Offering a unique product range and unrivalled service levels including nationwide next day delivery as standard, LDL Components specialises in quality products for the premium end of the market.
To coincide with Kx v.10, a new colour brochure detailing the entire stock range of over 3, 500 products has been introduced.  Among key new products are the Tandembox Antaro and Intivo interior options for drawers from Blum, along with Aventos lift systems, integrated soft close hinges and new Orga-line packs for retailers.
Oak is a major story for LDL this Autumn with a complete new range of Oak inserts and accessories for BLUM Tandembox drawers. Also in the new OAK range are plate stacks for standard Blum Tandembox as well as the new Antaro and Intivo. To complete the co-ordinated look, LDL has upgraded all the standard range of wooden cutlery trays to the attractive oak finish.
Available exclusively through LDL, ‘The Star on Your Furniture’ is a collection of contemporary, design-led handles from Furnipart, the leading Danish manufacturer. The range features stunning streamlined designs in a variety of materials including brushed nickel, polished chrome, zinc, aluminium, glass, ceramic and wood
New from WESCO, the built-in waste bin specialists, is the striking Black & White range, designed specifically to co-ordinate with BLUM Intivo and Antaro drawers in Terra black and silk white, and available for cabinet widths of 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm.
Now also distributed by LDL, Turnstyle Designs, the kitchen and bedroom handle manufacturer, specialises in two main materials, bridle leather, either hand or machine stitched, and its own composite blends. The current range comprises over 100 distinctive designs, from knobs to cup handles.
New from Peka is the ClickFixx larder system which enables the cupboard façade to be attached to the frame without any need for tools. The unit’s height, depth and rotation are adjusted via a central pivot so there’s no need to loosen or tighten any screws.
Designed exclusively for LDL is the new Linear collection, a comprehensive range of premium quality wire baskets for PEKA larder units, Magic corner units and pull outs. The range also includes 150mm slimline units
Another important addition to the LDL collection is the Optical range of 24V LED downlights.  Offering a high light output equivalent to 20W Halogen despite low power consumption, the new range is available as a recessed downlight and surface option in either triangular or square design.