This shocking statistic comes from an article by BLUM on the new K&B Network website.

It’s a terrible thought that over half of new kitchen owners are disappointed with the lack of storage.

Chances are they focused too much on the look of the kitchen rather than the actual day-to-day functioning.

Although this is probably quite understandable on the part of the consumer, it is where the knowledgeable retailer can not only help but also ultimately increase the order value of the kitchen sale by highlightingng and demonstrating the many storage solutions available.

Under expert advice is this piece from BLUM:

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Delve into the world of BLUM  through their consumer magazine – Kitchen Inspirations – where you will find the BLUM principles of workflow, space and motion translated into practical advice for kitchen planning.

The magazine contains a whole series of international lifestyle features that demonstrate how BLUM products can transform each and every kitchen ranging from the most luxurious through to a compact 5 sq metre kitchen in China and a busy restaurant in Switzerland.

Practical tips from experts abound with advice right from the very early planning stages.

The restaurant chef neatly sums it up when he says ‘It’s all so incredibly practical’.


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Inframe Kitchen Fittings
Whilst the majority of kitchens sold in the UK are of the overlay variety there is also a big market for Inframe kitchens. So what exactly is the difference?
In an overlay kitchen the doors are generally mounted on to the front of the carcase using hinges that are screwed into the chipboard carcase itself.

Over time, the weight of the door weakens this bond, and the door can drop out of square.
With an Inframe kitchen the cabinet doors sit within a frame rather than on top of it, so they cannot physically drop as they have nowhere to go, a bit like the other doors in your house which sit within a frame.
Fittings for this type of kitchen are not as widespread as for a standard overlay version but LDL has many solutions to the commonly encountered problems.

 The traditional way of hanging the door always used to be with Butt hinges, which LDL still stock in many sizes and finishes. However, using the Blum range of concealed hinges gives you an unobtrusive fixing method.

There are various different heights of plate available to allow for the different depths of frame encountered and even versions with integrated soft close.

Many of our other fittings can also be used so please ring us for technical advice.

Imagine having to wear this strange space suit every day:



It’s actually not as crazy as it looks. This is the BLUM Age Explorer suit which simulates the permanent conditions that many older people face in their everyday lives as their vision, hearing and movement declines.

Of course, not everyone will face all of these difficulties but most of us will find that advancing age brings some restrictions with it.

The good news is that there are lots of clever ways to ensure everything in your kitchen cupboards remains easily accessible without any sort of struggle.  

Here’s a selection of age-defying solutions:

Age Explorer.jpg

Choosing the right doorstyle and finish are definite priorities when it comes to planning a new kitchen but good quality fittings are also crucial in ensuring that the doors open and close perfectly and remain aligned.


Everyone is familiar with the soft close concept now and it is often fitted as standard but Blum has also pioneered other revolutionary developments in hinge technology. See the following link for further information and visit our site to view the full range of Blum quality components, all underwritten with a lifetime guarantee.




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Discover everything you could possibly need to know about Blum in the online catalogue and technical manual.
This packed 853 page catalogue details the core Blum philosophy along with the entire current product range.
 Everything is there, including all dimensions and fitting instructions.
Blum’s commitment to quality begins with new product development and extends right through to the ordering and installation process, all designed to make your life easier.

Take a look now at:
Please be aware not all items are UK Stock and could be subject to minimum order quantities and lead times.
Please refer to our website for current stock range.

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Planning a practical kitchen is all a question of zones according to Blum and acting out typical daily activities can highlight whether workflows function well.

Blum divides the kitchen into five key zones – here’s how:
Make the most of these zones with the following storage ideas:
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Getting older isn’t something we want to think about but if a kitchen lasts on average 20 years we will certainly have aged in this time.

Blum has given this topic a lot of thought and come up with the Age Explorer, a special outfit to simulate the physical limitations imposed by the ageing process and even during pregnancy.
Find out more about this clever concept here


and take a look at the sort of kitchen products we stock that make everyone’s lives easier.
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Blum templates and assembly devices make it easy to transfer exact measurements. They are easy to use and ensure precise assembly.

Easy and exact - templates and assembly devices for

  •  Lift systems
  •  Hinge systems
  •  TIP-ON
  •  BLUMOTION for doors
  •  Drawers
  •  Drawer fronts
  •  Cabinet profiles

Precise assembly for optimal performance 

Blum templates and assembly devices support the assembly of all Blum products. They are specially developed to be the best and most precise tools for the assembly of Blum products. They are highly prized since they combine precision and practical benefits for the user - both when used by the customer on site as well as in the workshop. Their proven safety record and their durability make them essential tools, guaranteeing assembly quality that makes professionals can be proud of. 


Everything inside new integrated Blum Hinge

The Clip top BLUMOTION hinge is setting new benchmarks. This sophisiticated technology for perfect motion is now integrated into the smallest possible space - discreetly in the hinge boss. CLIP top BLUMOTION opens up so many more design possibilities for doors. Thicker doors can be opened collision-free thanks to the new pivoting point.
For small doors, the BLUMOTION function can be easily deactivated via a switch on the hinge boss. 

Various applications are available on this new Blum Hinge.