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We've taken a look at some of the trends within the kitchen industry at the moment, from themes and colours through to storage and components. 

1.       The Industrial Look.

This is a popular look and one which is set to continue. Key characteristics of the trend are exposed brick and pipe work, rustic metals and the use of minimalist furniture. This isn’t for everyone as it is quite a hard, uncompromising look but it is now being combined with warm, natural materials such as oak and walnut, creating a perfect fusion.
Here at LDL we have launched our latest solution; 3D Fully Assembled Drawers. We have taken this trend on board and widened our selection of finishes which combine the metal drawer sides of the C Height Legrabox Free with Oak or Walnut design elements.  Click here to view >

Many would say that the kitchen design has been taken back to the basics – ‘Form, Function, Aesthetics’.

(Left hand image: Robert David Kitchens. Right hand image: Inglish Design)

2.       Handleless Furniture.

The simple lines of modern kitchen design have led to the increase of handleless furniture. Although predominantly used in kitchens with sleek and smooth finishes such as gloss doors, we are now starting to see an increase in the use of grained timbers, timber effects and natural tones taking on this functionality. With massive developments in the quality and functionality of push to open drawer runners, such as the Blum Tip-On Blumotion for Movento and Legrabox runners, you can now enjoy the best of both worlds with handleless furniture that also incorporates the much-loved soft closing action.
3.       Storage Solutions.
Stepping back into the Kitchen Pantry! Designers are now using the popular storage larders, pantries and deep drawers to tidy away appliances such as food processors and kettles, giving them an out of sight home of their own. This leaves worktops clear with more space to prepare culinary wonders and is particularly useful when designing smaller kitchens to create a pleasant, uncluttered cooking environment.

The Blum Space Tower is a great larder solution with easy access and great design options >
4.       Colours.

Trending > Grey and Earthy Tones.
Kitchens in neutral colours will always stand the test of time rather better than ‘fashion’ finishes but we are starting to introduce design features that bring a plain kitchen to life by selecting alternative finishes and colours for handles, taps and appliances. We are moving away from the standard stainless steel and black accessories, appliances and hardware. In particular, Rose Gold, Antique Bronze and Gold are breaking through this Spring. Leading handle designers at Furnipart are pioneering this trend with launch of the Edge Straight Handle in fabulous new finishes.

Take a look at the range online >

Below are examples of using earthy tones also, how you can incoporate bight colours to liven up a white kitchen.

(Left hand image: Shaker and May. Right hand Image: Mark Butterfield Furniture).
Auspicious Furniture Sping Tren.jpg
Interesting findings from a three year study into the way UK consumers use their kitchens. The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) collaborated with BLUM UK on the project and presented the findings at last week’s Kitchen Conference.
The most used drawer and most used cabinet with hinge were both waste bins, highlighting the fact that it is now more common to have an integrated waste solution than a separate, freestanding bin.
Another emerging trend was the introduction of powered and counterbalanced lift systems to open cupboard doors, now a key feature of the well designed kitchen.
The study also estimated the number of times drawers and cabinets are opened and closed over a 20 year period and, as a result, recommends kitchen manufacturers check with their components suppliers that products are designed to withstand this level of usage.
Blum’s brand new Tandembox antaro modular drawer system is now available from LDL Components Ltd from stock.
The new award-winning drawer profile, available in grey, silk white and stainless steel, has a contemporary rectangular gallery rail can be combined with a number of colour-coordinated design elements to create the required effect.

Offering standard Blum features such as perfect motion and running action, Tandembox antaro is also compatible with Blum space-saving cabinet solutions and Orga-Line interior organisers.

TANDEMBOX antaro can be assembled without tools within a matter of seconds. 3-dimensional front adjustment produces precise gap alignment while height and side adjustments are quick and easy through an opening on the drawer side.

Tilt is adjusted by twisting a section at the front of the rail.

Commenting on the new Tandembox antaro, Matthew Lord, director – LDL Components Ltd, said “The introduction of the sophisticated antaro system allows customers to upgrade from the standard Tandembox by adding design elements, such as frosted glass, for an individual look .

This, combined with our attractive display incentives, makes antaro the perfect choice.”
Antaro Drawer.jpg

This shocking statistic comes from an article by BLUM on the new K&B Network website.

It’s a terrible thought that over half of new kitchen owners are disappointed with the lack of storage.

Chances are they focused too much on the look of the kitchen rather than the actual day-to-day functioning.

Although this is probably quite understandable on the part of the consumer, it is where the knowledgeable retailer can not only help but also ultimately increase the order value of the kitchen sale by highlightingng and demonstrating the many storage solutions available.

Under expert advice is this piece from BLUM:

K&B Network Expert Advice.jpg

Delve into the world of BLUM  through their consumer magazine – Kitchen Inspirations – where you will find the BLUM principles of workflow, space and motion translated into practical advice for kitchen planning.

The magazine contains a whole series of international lifestyle features that demonstrate how BLUM products can transform each and every kitchen ranging from the most luxurious through to a compact 5 sq metre kitchen in China and a busy restaurant in Switzerland.

Practical tips from experts abound with advice right from the very early planning stages.

The restaurant chef neatly sums it up when he says ‘It’s all so incredibly practical’.

Blum Mag.jpg

Imagine having to wear this strange space suit every day:


It’s actually not as crazy as it looks. This is the BLUM Age Explorer suit which simulates the permanent conditions that many older people face in their everyday lives as their vision, hearing and movement declines.

Of course, not everyone will face all of these difficulties but most of us will find that advancing age brings some restrictions with it.

The good news is that there are lots of clever ways to ensure everything in your kitchen cupboards remains easily accessible without any sort of struggle.  

Here’s a selection of age-defying solutions:

Age Explorer.jpg

What an undeniably fab kitchen but one line of the write-up particularly caught my eye:

‘the removal of low level cabinetry also allows items to be stored within an ergonomically efficient hot zone.’

Whilst this is certainly true it also means you have to have the best ever internal storage solutions to store everything you need in the kitchen but can’t possibly have on display. This kitchen demands a complete lack of clutter so behind those sleek surfaces there must be hidden storage gems offering efficient and user-friendly solutions that also maximise the available space.

Dream Kitchens.jpg

Choosing the right doorstyle and finish are definite priorities when it comes to planning a new kitchen but good quality fittings are also crucial in ensuring that the doors open and close perfectly and remain aligned.


Everyone is familiar with the soft close concept now and it is often fitted as standard but Blum has also pioneered other revolutionary developments in hinge technology. See the following link for further information and visit our site to view the full range of Blum quality components, all underwritten with a lifetime guarantee.


Cab Doors Enhance Value.jpg
Discover everything you could possibly need to know about Blum in the online catalogue and technical manual.
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Planning a practical kitchen is all a question of zones according to Blum and acting out typical daily activities can highlight whether workflows function well.

Blum divides the kitchen into five key zones – here’s how:
Make the most of these zones with the following storage ideas:
In the Zone.jpg
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