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We often get asked by customers why they should pay extra to buy an Evoline item rather than one of the generic copies that are everywhere.
After a very interesting training session with Mark Claret of Schulte Electro Systems, the German manufacturers of Evoline, it all becomes clear.
Every single item that is manufactured by Schulte is individually line tested by computer and will not leave the factory until it has passed all of the quality control tests.
The plastic used on the fascia is not recycled and therefore is non flammable unlike some competitive products which use recycled (admittedly greener) plastic which can be flammable.
Where USB chargers are installed they charge at 700ma, not 500ma like most of their competitors, essential if you want to charge something like an ipad.
You will also note that the plugs themselves are inserted upside (down?) whereas a lot of competitors products are angled , this is to ensure that the cable cannot be bent and is under no strain at any time.
There are many other safety features incorporated as well which are not immediately obvious: where the cable exits the base, the type of grommet used means that it cannot be pulled out; the channel in which the port runs also act as a drainage channel for small spillages, and the sockets themselves sit slightly proud of the housing, again to stop liquid ingress.
This, combined with the ability to provide virtually any combination of sockets, data and USB ports to special order, makes the Evoline range the most comprehensive on the market.

Adam Wheeler
Sales Office Manager
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Easyfix self-adhesive LED lighting tape is the latest addition to the Linea range of lighting solutions from LDL.

This versatile lighting tape can be installed in four simple steps and is available in two different formats to suit both task and ambient lighting situations.
10mm ultra high output tape offers a powerful 864 – 952 lumen per metre and is perfect for task lighting, whereas the 8mm standard tape with 288 – 317 lumen per metre is ideal for ambient lighting.
Sold in 100cm lengths, the tape can then be cut in 100mm increments and re-joined with connectors. Both types have 60 diodes per metre and are available in a choice of cool white or warm white.
LDL Components Ltd has extended its range of LED lighting solutions with the new Linea range of recessed, semi-recessed angled and surface mounted display profiles, ideal for 
use in kitchens, studies, wardrobes, dressing rooms and also shop interiors.
Available to order in any size up to two metres, the new profiles are aluminium with a polycarbonate cover and are supplied with a two metre input cable, plug and end caps. 
Any LED tape from the LDL range can be used with the profiles, including the new high output tape. With 60 LEDs per metre, this self-adhesive tape is available in a choice of 
Warm White or Cool White.
Also available for use with the new profiles and either 12v or 24v tape is a dimmer with remote control facility. The control works within a 15 metre range and will 
automatically restore the brightness level to the last memory function.
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