Hinges & Lifts

Interesting findings from a three year study into the way UK consumers use their kitchens. The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) collaborated with BLUM UK on the project and presented the findings at last week’s Kitchen Conference.
The most used drawer and most used cabinet with hinge were both waste bins, highlighting the fact that it is now more common to have an integrated waste solution than a separate, freestanding bin.
Another emerging trend was the introduction of powered and counterbalanced lift systems to open cupboard doors, now a key feature of the well designed kitchen.
The study also estimated the number of times drawers and cabinets are opened and closed over a 20 year period and, as a result, recommends kitchen manufacturers check with their components suppliers that products are designed to withstand this level of usage.

Everything inside new integrated Blum Hinge

The Clip top BLUMOTION hinge is setting new benchmarks. This sophisiticated technology for perfect motion is now integrated into the smallest possible space - discreetly in the hinge boss. CLIP top BLUMOTION opens up so many more design possibilities for doors. Thicker doors can be opened collision-free thanks to the new pivoting point.
For small doors, the BLUMOTION function can be easily deactivated via a switch on the hinge boss. 

Various applications are available on this new Blum Hinge.