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Blum’s brand new Tandembox antaro modular drawer system is now available from LDL Components Ltd from stock.
The new award-winning drawer profile, available in grey, silk white and stainless steel, has a contemporary rectangular gallery rail can be combined with a number of colour-coordinated design elements to create the required effect.

Offering standard Blum features such as perfect motion and running action, Tandembox antaro is also compatible with Blum space-saving cabinet solutions and Orga-Line interior organisers.

TANDEMBOX antaro can be assembled without tools within a matter of seconds. 3-dimensional front adjustment produces precise gap alignment while height and side adjustments are quick and easy through an opening on the drawer side.

Tilt is adjusted by twisting a section at the front of the rail.

Commenting on the new Tandembox antaro, Matthew Lord, director – LDL Components Ltd, said “The introduction of the sophisticated antaro system allows customers to upgrade from the standard Tandembox by adding design elements, such as frosted glass, for an individual look .

This, combined with our attractive display incentives, makes antaro the perfect choice.”
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Sales of furniture fittings will bear a direct correlation to the levels of furniture sales, but there are some anomalies that give cause for optimism. Kbbreview speaks to David Sanders, sales and marketing director, Blum UK...
Manufacturers are not looking to compete on price any longer. Adding value through product quality and performance is the fighting way forward for those imaginative enough to realise it, no matter at what market level they operate.

Storage continues to increase in profile as a sales issue, as does more careful kitchen planning – the two go hand in hand. Good storage planning means getting the best use from the internal volume of the furniture cabinet. This not only means being able to store more, but also increases physical and visual access to all items.
Fixed shelves in base units should be a thing of the past for any modern cabinet furniture manufacturer. Proper use of full-extension drawers and internal pull-outs is where fittings manufacturers and furniture manufacturers must work together to mutual benefit.

Then there is the important area of optimum organisation of stored items, in kitchens particularly.

While this all adds up to increased unit sales of fittings, it also allows manufacturers to increase the value, with the individual allure of their designs equating to better margins.

Motion and ease of use have become accepted advantages in selling modern furniture. Soft-close is pretty standard across most brands and the more progressive are now offering options of automatic open-and-close mechanisms and the effortless movement of doors – especially on overhead cabinets – and drawers, where load-bearing capacities have never been heavier.

While it has predominantly been kitchen furniture that has driven the innovation and technologies in advanced fittings and systems, these versatile designs are clearly demonstrating their ability to transfer and add value to all other types of cabinet furniture with marked growth in the bathroom, bedroom and living room areas.

In Britain, there is still a strong market for rich timber facades and now, with special runners developed for wooden drawers, specifiers and architects are taking note and we’re seeing strengthening demand for high-performance fittings in the leisure and hotel sectors

In a sluggish market, furniture fittings are being seen and used to stimulate sales with added value. Furniture fittings are the new drivers for the future of the KBB sectors.


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LDL Components Ltd, the largest UK distributor for BLUM, is launching 
Movento, the next generation of drawer runner technology. Previewed at kbb 2012 and in stock from 1 May, the Movento runner system for wooden drawers is a new upgrade option from the existing Tandem runners.

Movento is specifically designed to withstand the rigours of everyday kitchen use, such as heavy storage items and frequent opening and closing. With even more precise runner movement and new adjustment options, Movento can also be used in conjunction with the BLUM Servo-drive electronic and Tip-on mechanical opening systems for handle-less furniture.

The new Movento runner system offers the following important benefits:
Side, height, tilt and depth adjustment
Synchronised, smooth-running opening and closing action
High stability and impressive anti-sag values
Plentiful load bearing ability, up to 40 or 60kg
Fully protected closing springs
A corporate member of the KBSA, LDL specialises in innovative products for the premium end of the market and is the main UK distributor for BLUM, Peka and Wesco.
LDL Components Ltd, the nationwide distributor of quality furniture fittings, has introduced a range of Form-Line cutlery trays in Silk White to co-ordinate with Blum Intivo drawer boxes in Silk White.
Made from durable plastic, the cutlery trays are suitable for use with both 450mm and 500mm depth drawer boxes and are available in a variety sizes to suit cabinet widths from 300mm to 1000mm.
Also designed to co-ordinate with Blum Intivo drawer boxes in Silk White is a new white version of the popular Supergrip non-slide matting. Designed to prevent movement of items within the drawers, this versatile, wipe-clean  matting comes in a 1200mm x 1000mm sheet which can be easily cut down to any size or shape.
Matthew Lord, Director, LDL Components Ltd, comments “Both these new products work in perfect harmony with our range of Blum Intivo drawer boxes in Silk White, ensuring we offer a comprehensive, co-ordinating range of internal drawer solutions.”
The new Form-Line cutlery inser.jpg
LDL, the nationwide distributor of quality fittings for the fitted furniture market, has now added the new BLUM F-Line drawer system to its portfolio. This offers significant benefits and is available exclusively from LDL in the UK.
Available in smart steel grey, the new drawer box has a smoother, contemporary profile which results in an incredible 11% extra storage capacity. For manufacturers looking for innovation and added value, this means that a 500mm drawer depth can now be purchased for the same price as a 450mm depth. 
Managing Director Matthew Lord comments, “F-Line represents the next stage in the Tandembox story and offers the usual combination of quality and innovative design that we expect from BLUM. As an additional service to purchasers of the new 500mm depth F-Line system, we are also able to provide personalised cover caps free of charge.”
Special introductory offers are also available as part of the launch programme. For further information, please visit www.ldlonline.co.uk or call 0845 123 2255.

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