LDL have several different types of Magnet’s available in varying strengths to suit different applications. These can be grouped as follows Ferrite magnets which are a mixture of ceramics and Iron Oxide which was invented in 1930 by Yogoro Kato and Takeshi Takei of the Tokyo institute of technology , these are probably the most widely used in the furniture industry due to their low cost and ease of manufacturing, examples of this stocked by LDL are the superior magnetic catches 840NP and 840EB which have a steel casing in either Nickel or Brass plated finish giving a nice aesthetic appearance and a pull of 6kg , there are also 3.5kg pull versions available to order.

The other type of magnet stocked by LDL is a Neodymium type, these magnets are the strongest type of magnets that are available, manufactured from an alloy of Neodymium, Boron and Iron and was invented in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals, these are widely used in cordless power tools, electric motors for Hybrid vehicles and hard disk drives. Examples stocked by LDL include the Disc15 which is 15mm in diameter and 8mm thick with a pull of nearly 7kg and the Cube5, 5mm square magnet with a 1.1kg pull both of which are fantastic for furniture manufacture as they can be totally concealed behind a veneer offering invisible closing.
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Fold & Lock Legs, the latest product innovation from LDL Components Ltd, will ensure that your cabinet legs will never let you down again.
Although they may seem to be a fairly insignificant component, cabinet legs cause much frustration among furniture manufacturers and fitters by their ability to create problems.

The new Fold & Lock leg has been designed specifically to address all the installation headaches and stability problems that these minor parts can cause.
Quick and easy to install with a locking device that ensures the leg stays firmly in place during manoeuvring, the legs are exceptionally strong and can be adjusted from 100mm through to 170mm when in position. Once in place, the leg is firmly supported by side panels.

Screw or dowel options are available . Finally to complete the job, there is a choice of
pressure fit or self adhesive plinth clips.
To demonstrate the robust construction and clever design of the Fold & Lock leg, LDL is offering free samples on request.
Blum templates and assembly devices make it easy to transfer exact measurements. They are easy to use and ensure precise assembly.

Easy and exact - templates and assembly devices for

  •  Lift systems
  •  Hinge systems
  •  TIP-ON
  •  BLUMOTION for doors
  •  Drawers
  •  Drawer fronts
  •  Cabinet profiles

Precise assembly for optimal performance 

Blum templates and assembly devices support the assembly of all Blum products. They are specially developed to be the best and most precise tools for the assembly of Blum products. They are highly prized since they combine precision and practical benefits for the user - both when used by the customer on site as well as in the workshop. Their proven safety record and their durability make them essential tools, guaranteeing assembly quality that makes professionals can be proud of. 

The launch of Kx v.10, a unique three day kitchen component event showcasing the next generation of kitchen storage and accessory solutions from leading manufacturers and distributors, has been announced. Designed to fill a conspicuous gap in the market for a UK trade exhibition of kitchen components, the first event will feature LDL Components, Blum, Peka, Wesco, Furnipart, Turnstyle and Multiwood.
Kx v.10 will be held at the impressive, centrally located Blum headquarters in Milton Keynes from Tuesday 21 September to Thursday 23 September. In addition to the launch of new and innovative products from each exhibitor, there will also be a series of product demonstrations and seminars. Experienced staff from the seven brands present will be on hand throughout the exhibition to give specialist advice and there will also be an enticing range of special show offers and promotions. The event will also include a guided tour of the state-of-the-art Blum UK headquarters.
All UK furniture manufacturers and retailers are invited to pre-register for this exclusive event now  . As an added incentive, everyone pre-registering will be automatically entered into a prize draw for a weekend for two in New York. Visitors to the show will also have the opportunity to enter a daily prize draw to win an Apple iPad, the latest ‘must-have’ gadget.