First Friday Chippy Club #1

- 05/07/2019 @ 14:49
First Friday Chippy Club

It’s First Friday Chippy Club! A time-honoured tradition here at LDL towers, the company buys everyone a chippy lunch (or breakfast butty) on the first Friday of every month.

From our drawer experts on our 3D production line, to our ever-expanding Account Management team in the office; every gets a portion of Hadfield’s finest grub!

We thought we’d shake things up and bid farewell to #FeatureFriday, and instead invite you to join us for a monthly roundup every First Friday Chippy Club.

So, put your feet up and grab a brew as we quickly cover a couple of titbits that happened at LDL towers this month.

The FFCC is an institution as old as LDL Components, going back some 15 years, all the way to the company’s first days in a leaky warehouse in Mossley. Now, based in the dizzying heights of Hadfield, with a fantastic team behind us and a loyal customer base of some of the finest craftsmen and fitters across the entire UK; we feel it’s still just as important to keep our values and traditions.

And much more importantly, it’s a good opportunity to have some proper British fish & chips!

Trend Transformations Summer Conference

We were invited down to the Belfry Hotel & Resort in Birmingham, by Granite & Trend Transformation’s, to give a talk about all things LDL at their annual summer franchisee conference. We love an opportunity to engage with the talented men and women of our industry, and to offer an insight into how exactly we make that special LDL magic.

We sent for the sharpest minds from team LDL’s arsenal of experts, but unfortunately they were all busy, so we sent Josh & Oscar. Part of our growing Account Management team and touch-points of the business, both of them journeyed down south to see what Trend Transformations was all about.

Utilising a specially designed set-piece, courtesy of the team at A. Gent Kitchens; they gave a presentation on our products and services. With everything from a first-hand look at a 600mm LEGRABOX Space Tower, to conveying our joint principles of brand quality and exemplary customer service; it was a fantastic 2 days where hopefully those fortunate enough to attend gleaned an insight into what makes us so different.

Houston, we have a problem…

As we announced last month; we intended to launch new ERP system alongside our new website this weekend, necessitating the business to close today & Monday the 8th.  This is no longer the case and business is open as usual.

Several key issues have recently come to light which meant that there was every chance things wouldn’t run smoothly when we went live. As you know; our pledge has always been “We won’t let you down”. Simply put, without an extended period of testing; we didn’t feel confident we could guarantee that pledge with a July launch.

Fundamentally, we were given the choice of delaying the launch and suffering some embarrassment or going live and delivering something that wouldn’t be up to our standards of customer service. To us, that was no choice at all. We’d rather have a few red faces than risk affecting your business and damaging the reputation for reliability we’ve built up these past 15 years.

Our business is taking care of your business and we won’t launch the new ERP system & website until we’re happy that you’ll be happy with it.


That's it from team LDL; we hope you've had a good month,

don't forget to follow us,

and we want to tell you to #HaveaGreatWeekend!

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