#FeatureFriday - The New Launch

- 21/06/2019 @ 16:11
It’s #FeatureFriday and we wanted to use this an opportunity to discuss some important news. LDL Components is closing for business on Friday the 5th & Monday the 8th of July. We will re-open again as normal at 8:30am on Tuesday the 9th.

The reason for the closure is due to the installation of a brand-new ERP operating system. The ERP system controls and powers every aspect of our business and allows us to provide you with the high levels of service you’ve come to expect. This change over is the culmination of 18 months labour from the LDL team and provides us the opportunity to launch our much-anticipated new website.

These developments, the new operating system and website both, represent a substantial improvement over our existing systems and promise to secure the foundations of our joint futures. Not only is this upgrade an effort to stay at the forefront of technological advancement, but like everything we do, it’s built upon a bedrock of meticulous planning structured around taking care of your business.

This closure is not a decision we have taken lightly, it represents the largest single investment in the history of our company and a continuation of our resolve to improve the services we provide. The focus of these developments has always been to refine, simplify and enhance your experience with us. Everything we do is with you in mind and every investment is evaluated by what value it will provide to you.

The July closures were specifically chosen to minimise any disruption caused to your business. We decided, whilst a temporary shutdown was unavoidable, orchestrating the change-over to take place in peak holiday time would affect the largest number of our customers the least. We hope this monetary respite is no hardship to you or your business and we wanted to extend out this advanced warning, so you can adjust your orders accordingly.

Here in this blog, there is no volume of words we could write, no matter how eloquent, to convey the levels of passion and dedication we’ve poured into crafting this new website for you. We couldn’t possibly relay the amount of investment, in both time and resources, it has required to reach this point, nor can we adequately describe how overjoyed we are to be finally approaching our launch day. So instead, we will just say this…

This launch is the fruition of some 18 months of diligence and labour, from a community of LDL’s sharpest minds, and it represents ambitions years in the making. We have long felt, our current website failed to do justice to scope and care with which we handle your business and we’re finally in a position to deliver something we’re truly proud of. We thank you all for your patience and if you’ll wait just a couple more short weeks, we have something quite spectacular to show you.
Thank you.

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