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- 14/06/2019 @ 16:06
What's New?
It's #FeatureFriday and we wanted to highlight some of the amazing developments going on in the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom industry. Interzum 2019 was a fantastic exhibition with thousands of exhibitors and a true cavalcade of design innovations on display. We saw voice-activated waste bins, new recycling initiatives and even a new line of Blum drawers!

Whilst we've got a full breakdown of all our highlights available HERE; we thought we'd take this opportunity to display some of the up and coming products from our suppliers.
Having a Peek at Peka

Pecasa is Swiss engineered smart shelving from Peka. Comprised of a few simple but highly versatile components, it can be combined in a near infinite variety of ways. Coming with a wall profile with a built-in cable duct, plus shelf supports, unit support brackets and metal shelves; the applications of Pecasa are limitless. You then arrange the shelf system any way you like to create your own personalised furniture solution.
Easy to adjust and install; we think it's soon to become part of every good interior designer's arsenal. With Peka & LDL, you can customise your storage, your way. Now that's something really quite special!
Pleno Plus

The Pleno larder pull-out has long been a favourite for kitchen designers across the UK. Now Peka's talented team of Swiss kitchen experts have refined and built upon that success. 
This universal larder unit specially now boasts an extra 3 specially designed shelving units on the door frame. That's an increased storage potential, with the same great design options of the original. Offering access from 3 sides and coming in both classic Libell Steel and elegant Fioro wood; it's perfect for any environment in the home. Simply open the door to make the shelving units glide out. 

The practical Stepolo stool is always within easy reach and takes up very little space. Boasting a sturdy and elegant design, it's long been a staple of the quality available in our Peka range. Now, it comes in a sleek black design, perfect for more subdued colour schemes.
  • " Can be folded down flat
  • " Available with one or two steps
  • " Comes with a bracket allowing it to be stowed away neatly under a work surface or shelf

Keeping an eye on EVOline

The new EVOline One guarantees your power ports are always to hand. Discreet and minimalist, the socket can be concealed away beneath a cover or reinforced with a stainless-steel ring. Either way, it promises to be more than an answer to the rigours of modern living.
Designed to be ergonomic from the outset, the One requires an installation depth of just 50mm! That means you can incorporate this fantastic gadget into your worktop without sacrificing the storage space below. What's not to love?
Port Push

The EVOline Port is a discreet and stylish power port solution, but now the Port Push offers an extra dimension upon an already award-winning design.
The Port Push opens at the touch of a finger, utilising its innovative push-to-open function. The socket strip underneath can then be pulled out effortlessly. Simply apply pressure on the cover causes the connections to disappear again and the patented rocking cover prevents cables from becoming jammed when closing.
The time-tested EVOline mounting system makes the installation of the Port Push simple, whilst the locking wedges on its underside enables a quick and safe installation. That's just another reason every kitchen fitter needs EVOline!

Putting the Binoculars on Blum
Space Step

An innovative solution for reaching those out of reach places, Blum's new Space Step operates with a TIP-ON touch to open mechanism and doubles as a magnetically sealed storage drawer. Comprised of some simply fantastic design, we know it'll be a big hit with the UK market. 
Perfectly designed to work in tandem with AVENTOS cabinet lift systems, it offers increased ease of access whilst still offering you the same great level of storage!
Pocket Doors

As living spaces continue to shrink, having an ergonomically designed interior has never been more important. That's why we're so excited to talk to you about Blum's pocket doors! Utilising TIP-ON touch to open, it's a space-saving innovation that we see becoming very popular in the UK. 
The Blum exhibition was packed out at Interzum, but nowhere more so than their display of Pocket Doors. Perfect for any environment where space is at a premium, or any design that wants to cultivate a decidedly modern feel; the potential for these new range of storage solutions is only outstripped by their inherent charm and elegance.
Merivo Box

And last, but certainly not least, we have Merivo Box. The cutting edge of drawer design, it's purported to bridge the gap between LEGRABOX & TANDEMBOX. Designed to be easy to fit and simple to use, it stands to become a staple of good kitchen design. We're excited to bring it to the UK market, but Interzum was just a teaser. Blum adhere to the very highest levels of testing and quality assurance, and as such, we might be waiting five years before we see Merivo Box launch!
Whatever the future for Blum, EVOline & Peka; rest assured that we'll be introducing their products as they become available and doing our best to continually supply you with all the elements and components which help make your designs so special. Together we can continue to be set the benchmark for quality!

That's it from team LDL for this week. We hope you're as excited with all these new innovations as we are, and we look forward to bringing them into the UK market.
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