#FeatureFriday - Our New & Improved 3D Packaging

- 07/06/2019 @ 16:00
It’s #FeatureFriday and we wanted to take a look behind the curtain and show you how things operate at the heart of LDL towers! Our 3D drawer assembly line was born from the idea that we could make your lives easier and take some of the hassle out of interior fitting. We’ve been blown away with the overwhelming popularity and support for our 3D service, but we’re not finished yet. New and improved, our latest development on packaging drawers is really something to shout about!


Drawing the Eye

Blum drawers are engineered to the highest attainable quality and our 3D production specialists work to exacting regulations with a peerless dedication. With such expert craftsmen constructing such internationally renowned products; we needed packaging good enough to match what’s in it. Our new packaging initiative is built upon the twin pillars of form and function. Robust, hardy and fundamentally more shock absorbent; the new cardboard packaging has passed all our tests with flying colours and guarantees a safer and more secure transit for your drawers.
Not only is the new packaging more practical, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s much more aesthetically pleasing too. Clear-cut, professional and dare I say sleek; it represents the continuing changes we’re making to refine and improve the service we provide.

Our Brand of Discretion

From Blum, to Peka, L&S and Wesco, Furnipart and Simonswerk; we’re proud to represent some globally renowned brands. As a sigh of our commitment to these household names, we’ve placed their brands on pour packaging! Everything we do is with you in mind, and that’s why you won’t find an LDL logo anywhere on your packages and consignments. Discretion is the better part of valour and we know some of our customers prefer LDL’s distribution to be an invisible aid. That means you can rest assured that your customers will never become or customers!
The Plastic Push

As long-term readers will know, here at LDL, we’ve made it our mission to push plastics out of this industry. We live in an ecologically fragile world, where the continued future of the environment rests upon all of our shoulders. We’ve pledged to go plastic free and we hope that our efforts will inspire other companies in this business to take action. In continuation of our growing environmental efforts, our 3D drawer packaging is now made almost entirely of recycled cardboard. Not only is this sturdy and hardier than plastic packaging, but it’s a sustainable material we can continue to recycle and re-use indefinitely.

Waste not Want not

Contining with our talk of environmentally friendly packaging, we wanted to highlight the fact that our new packaging is fundamentally minimalist. Both in style and function, and that means it has a massive reduction in waste materials. That means less clutter on your shop floor and more good news for the planet. That’s just one more reason why we’re proud of the refinements we’ve achieved this year!

We believe in seeing the big picture and planning for the future, and with our eco-friendly packaging, we’re helping secure this industry’s future for years to come. Bedroom & Bathroom industry is bright and we hope you’ll be with us to experience it every step of the way!

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