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- 05/04/2019 @ 16:05
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Here at LDL, we don’t do short-term thinking. We believe the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact, on us, on this industry, and all our collective futures within it. More than anything else, we feel the best way to secure that future is through investment. That’s why we set a company record in 2018 by re-investing over £330,000 back into the business and extending our office staff by 41%! You can read all about our ‘Record-Breaking Year’ on KBBreview Here!

But that’s not all!

Investment doesn’t stop with money; our most valuable resource is the talented men and women who make LDL feel like home. Only by presenting them with opportunities for training, and enabling them to improve their expertise, can we can guarantee the future of the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom industry for years to come. It’s this keen focus on improvement which has been the driving force behind our new training program. 3 times a week, our newly finished design room plays host to intensive product training sessions. Its an opportunity for our entire Sales Administration department to get some hands-on experience with our full product range and test their knowledge.

Speaking of our new design room, have you come for a visit yet? 

Fully furbished and completely stocked, it’s the beating heart of the LDL Components range! Not only does it serve as an excellent environment to host our training sessions in, but we’d like to extend an open invitation for all our customers to come and see the full LDL range in a dynamic environment. With the implementation of a selection of our new L&S lighting range, our interior design has been accentuated to new levels. Get in touch today and arrange a viewing, we’re always happy to meet the talented people who make this such a fantastic industry to work in!
How does our training program work?

We tend to keep a flexible session plan, to better adjust to the dynamic and changing needs of our team. As we expand our range, develop new easy-order kits, or restructure our website, the needs and questions of our customers change. That being the case, we have to be malleable to adapt to their changing needs as and when they develop. Each session is led by our resident Kitchen expert and our head of product development, Matt. A font of technical expertise on everything from Blum hinges to Peka storage solutions; he’s been dubbed our Blum Product Champion.

But what does that mean?

He’s been invited down to Milton Keynes to visit Blum UK for a masterclass in all things Blum. There’s two days of intensive product training on the schedule! With this inundation of insider knowledge, and a detailed plan of all the very latest developments from the Blum product line, he’ll be able to hone his technical expertise to new heights!

Hard at work, we caught him in a rare moment away from updating our website and products. As we introduce more exciting developments in our product range, it’s Matt who leads the charge on improving and refining our selection. We even managed to get a few words from him on the subject of training:

“Our product expertise is what sets us apart. It’s that breadth of knowledge that gives our customers confidence in us.”

Everyone here at LDL shares that singular dedication to improving our customer service. With such a strong emphasis on training and product knowledge, its easy to see where the LDL magic comes from! When we talk of the LDL magic, it’s our way of saying we’re more than just a web company. Behind our website is a dedicated team of professionals and Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom experts. We work hard to ensure we have the answers you need, as soon as you call.

Our word is our bond, and that’s why we’re working so hard to make sure we get it right the first time, every time. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we’ll never stop trying to be the best. It’s the people who work here that make it all possible, and it’s that atmosphere of diligence and warmth that keeps us all striving to improve. From our 3D bespoke production line, to our famed customer service, we’re set on working harder so you don’t have to!

This was a brief insight into the improvements and developments going on behind closed doors. We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s #FeatureFriday and don’t forget to find us on Social Media!
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