#FeatureFriday- What's Next?

- 22/03/2019 @ 15:37

Spring has officially begun, and as we get the Spring cleaning underway, it’s a good opportunity to take stock. For this week’s #FeatureFriday, we thought we’d turn our attention away from our product range and look at LDL Components as a whole.

Since the Management Buyout, and with the introduction of our in-house 3D production line, we’ve grown a lot as a company. We’ve put a record-breaking £350,000+ of investment back into the business and increased our office staff by a whopping 41%!

As we continue to improve and refine the service we provide, we feel it’s important to keep you informed our plans for the future.
What does the future hold?
  • Our Intensive In-House Training
  • Your Invitation to Our NEW Design Room
  • MECANNO Lighting Gets the 3D Treatment
  • The Launch of Our Long-Awaited NEW Website
  • LDL Packaging Will Be Plastic Free by 2020!
We talk a lot about putting the LDL magic into everything we do, but what does that mean?

We like to think we have a special way of doing something, hopefully in a good way! From our focus on customer service, to the brand partners we choose to represent, everything we do is with our customers in mind.

Our Intensive In-House Training

The LDL magic is our way of saying we’re more than just a web company. Behind our website is a dedicated team of professionals and Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom experts. We work hard to ensure we have the answers you need, as soon as you call.

We’ve instituted 3 weekly training sessions in our new design room, that means hands-on training with our entire product range for our entire sales team. Our word is our bond, and that’s why we’re working so hard to make sure we get it right the first time, every time.
Your Invitation to Our NEW Design Room

Our new design room is completed and fully stocked! Not only does it serve as an excellent environment to host our training sessions in, but we’d like to extend an open invitation for all our customers to come and see the full LDL range in a dynamic environment.

With the implementation of a selection of our new L&S lighting range, our design room has reached new heights. Feel free to get in touch and arrange a viewing, we’re always happy to meet the people who make this such a fantastic industry.
MECANNO Lighting Gets the 3D Treatment

We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive reception to our NEW L&S range, and we’re excited to say it only gets better. We’re giving MECCANO strip lighting the 3D treatment! That means bespoke aluminium profiles, made to measure to your exact specifications on our production line, and delivered to your door.

The Launch of Our Long-Awaited NEW Website

You asked, and we listened. Our job is to make your job easier, that’s the core concept at the inception of every idea we have. With that in mind, we’ve been working on a producing a better, faster, smoother online experience.

The road to a new website hasn’t been easy and we’ve had a dedicated team, as well as an outside company, working non-stop on developing, testing and refining something you’ll be happy with. As we enter the final stages of this journey, we appreciate your continued patience and sincerely hope you’ll feel, as we do, that the wait has been worth it.

LDL Packaging Will Be Plastic Free by 2020!

We’ve made a pledge to remove all plastic from LDL’s own packaging by 2020, and we meant it. Pollution is ravaging our planet. We see this all the time, but nowhere more so than in our oceans. Plastic waste accounts for up to 90% of oceanic pollution, and with a single piece of plastic taking well over a century to degrade, we could no longer contribute to this growing problem in good conscience.

We’ve already begun by introducing bio-degradable cardboard packaging and reducing our plastic waste by 60%. We aim to raise that to 100% by the end of the year. With your continued support, we can build a better, eco-friendlier world.
This has been a brief insight into the machinations behind our continuing development process. We have a lot of exciting plans to come, both internally and externally, and we hope you’ll be with us every step of the way. Thank you for your continued support and all that’s left to say is, have a great weekend!

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