#FeatureFriday - 8 Design Tips for Your Kitchen's Workflow

- 12/03/2019 @ 16:48
Good kitchen design, at its simplest level, stems from an understanding of how a kitchen is used. More so then any other room of the house, a kitchen is to be lived in and used. It is the living heart of the home, the social hub, and perhaps the most interactive room of the house.

As the rigours of modern life become ever more demanding, and homes grow smaller and smaller; space has reached an all-time premium. This means it’s never been more important to optimise the work flow in your kitchen!

Dynamic, ergonomic, easy. These are the three founding principles on which a work flow kitchen is raised. With due diligence and a keen understanding of the design options available to you, you too can design a kitchen that’s not only stunningly aesthetic but, more importantly, is designed to be lived in.
So, without further ado, here’s how to optimise your kitchen’s workflow with ergonomic design.

Get a handle on your design, with a handle-less interior!
With innovations in storage solutions, the dawn of the handle-less kitchen has never been closer. To cultivate a modern theme, and create the impression of added space, try Blum’s assisted opening options. With TIP-ON mechanical opening, and SERVO-DRIVE electronic opening, you can access your storage at the push of a finger. Suitable for drawers and wall cabinets, this is the ultimate addition to a modern look.

Continuing in the trend of “touch-to-open”, we have the EVOline range! Discreet power ports and USB sockets, these subtle charging stations sit in your worktop and open at the touch of a finger. Available in 5 water resistant finishes, this must have gadget blends seamlessly with any worktop or colour scheme.

Waste not, want not!

Rubbish bins are often a designer’s nightmare, but it doesn’t need to be such a burden. Do away with the unsightly and integrate the unconventional. Our range of Wesco in-drawer waste solutions are a dynamic solution to a recurring problem. The PullBoy Z discreetly tucks away inside a LEGRABOX drawer, and with its 40-litre storage capacity, stays hidden for longer. Optimising your waste solutions minimises the time spent lugging rubbish in and out of the environment and is a key part of improving a kitchen’s workflow.


Brilliant Base Units!

The Kitchen Tower, from Peka Systems, is the toolbox of the kitchen. Keep all your daily use items in this ergonomically designed base unit. Between its roll-out technology and its non-slip matting, this should be one of first additions you make in any kitchen renovation. Store everything from knives and chopping boards, to salt and pepper, all in one easily accessible space. Limiting unnecessary movement is one of the main objectives of workflow optimisation and it has a notable impact upon a kitchen’s feel.
Now we come to the true test of dynamic kitchen design, the dreaded corner cupboard!

Awkward to access and with limited storage capacity, not to mention often possessing a dingy and drab aesthetic; a corner unit is a remnant of the dark ages of kitchen design. Yet it doesn’t have to be!


The Magic Corner Comfort, from Peka Systems, is a better way. Swiss engineered excellence, this corner solution is specifically designed to optimise that excess space and bring your storage to you. With a high carrying capacitiy, a smooth range of motion, and a stylish aesthetic; there’s finally an answer for those dark corners! Easy storage access is essential to improving workflow.
But what’s the number one improvement to workflow you can make?


 A dynamic expansion upon the Pull-Out larder, this storage refinement offers clear visibility, an excellent ease of access, and a simply unmatched aesthetic appeal. This is a must have for any workflow centric design.


Its optimum use of storage allows you to coalesce more storage into one place. Combined with LEGRABOX, SPACETOWER sits at the very pinnacle of interior design. Ergonomic, practical, visually stunning and functionally unmatched, this is the best improvement to workflow you can make.

Those were our 6 tips for improving workflow! How did we do? Have your say on social media!
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