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- 01/03/2019 @ 14:35
We often talk about the LDL magic, that little bit extra we put into everything we do; but what does that mean? Well, we employ several key measures to track our performance and make sure we’re delivering on our promise to be the best. With that in mind, we’d like to use this #FeatureFriday to talk about Fulfilment, and the woman who keeps us all on track, Fallon!

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Fallon joined team LDL in April of 2015. Since then, she’s become a simply indispensable part of the family. We pride ourselves on creating a genuinely nice environment for everyone to work in and it’s no exaggeration to say Fallon is a quintessential part of that.

As our resident Purchasing Administrator, it’s her job to order and maintain our stock. She makes sure stock comes in on time, regulates our levels, and guarantees we’re accurate with everything we do. Her handwritten departmental pledge is, “In full, on time, every time.” It’s that dedication to rigorous checking, and continual improvement, which makes her so fundamental to our pursuit of 99% Fulfilment.

But What is Fulfilment?


Fulfilment is our measure for exactly how many orders we process accurately and on time. Or simply put, do we have what you need when you need it? 96% is regarded internationally as a world-class figure, but that’s not the LDL way. We aren’t interested in the rest, our focus is on being the best. We average an unbelievable 98.9%, but we’re dedicated to improving that until it’s 99%, and Fallon’s the woman to do it!

It’s no secret that Fallon is a big part of what makes LDL such a warm and friendly place, for customers and staff both, and we couldn’t do it without her! We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a wonderful team and such fantastic people working here. That’s what makes LDL more than just a place we come to work.
I’m sure you’ll all join us in thanking Fallon for her dedication to improving Fulfilment and always placing the customer first. Now, what better way to finish than with some words of wisdom from the woman herself!
We asked, What’s Your Favourite Thing About LDL?

She said, “The people. Does that sound cheesy? It’s true though, we’re a family.”

What Makes LDL Different From Every Other Distributor?

“It’s because everybody cares! Every single person cares about what they’re doing and its impact on our customers. That’s what makes us special.”

LDL Components

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