5 Must Haves for Darker Kitchen Designs

- 22/02/2019 @ 12:16
Modern kitchens are becoming ever more minimalist, with a focus on handle-less design, open plan living, and more subdued colour schemes. Darker design options are increasingly popular, and with this rising trend, comes an expectation from the end consumer. Dark furniture radiates a sleek elegance – within and without. That means bright whites are out and subdued tones are in! But how best to capitalise on this growing popularity?

Worry not! Here at LDL, we’ve come up with 6 must have design elements for darker kitchen designs. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details an examine exactly how to forge your dark design dreams.

A kitchen is only as good as the team who fit it and the components which comprise it. You build a project from the ground up, nowhere is this true more than in designing a kitchen. That’s why we’re starting our blog with this quintessential must have. Your number one priority should be to consider the details and to find the hinges to match your aesthetic design.

  1. BLUMOTION CLIP top hinges are a mark of engineered excellence. Not only is Blum’s patented soft-close technology integrated into the hinge itself, but there’s an optional finish which is as aesthetic as it is practical.  CLIP top BLUMOTION is now available in stunning Onyx Black! Dark hinges discreetly complement furniture and create a lasting visual impact. Install the motion technologies you’ve come to love without comprising on aesthetics or form, with Onyx Black CLIP top BLUMOTION!
But what about storage?

  1. Cupboards are a relic of kitchens past. Cramped, cluttered, confounding and terribly constrictive; isn’t it time to choose a more ergonomic innovation? Drawers are the optimum storage solution and with each passing year and fresh study, we see this fact being compounded and corroborated all the more. Offering increased ease of access and boasting ever higher storage capacities, the refinement of storage solutions has reached a pinnacle with LEGRABOX. Deeper, higher and wider than ever before, the options are endless. From deep drawers, to high fronts, Blum’s LEGRABOX has an up to 70kg carrying capacity and an unmatched smoothness of motion.
But best of all? It’s available in both Orion Grey & Terra Black! These darker hues are a sleekly elegant addition to any interior design throughout the home and a perfect match for a darker hued theme. Timeless, with an unwavering subtly and allure, LEGRABOX is simply a must have for any dark kitchen design!
But your darker theme doesn’t stop there, let’s talk larders!

  1. Peka Systems are a long-standing exemplar of Swiss engineered excellence. From base units to tall cupboards, there’s a storage solution for every situation in their range. The Pleno Larder Pull-Out is a fantastic addition to any interior. Boasting unrivalled ease of access and a quintessentially simple design, it’s designed with roll-out technology and 3 sides of access to all 6 of its spacious shelves. And yes, you guessed it, it’s perfect for a darker design!
With the Pleno’s LIBELL design option, it comes as standard in a stunning Anthracite. A perfect match to LEGRABOX Orion Grey, it works in perfect conjunction with our other darker design must haves!
What about the tech? Won’t tacky white switches and sockets ruin the subdued theme of your dream dark design? Not with EVOline!

  1. EVOline are award-winning designers of elegant hidden socket solutions. For all your power needs, from plugs to USBs, our EVOline range is specificallya adapted to provide discreet charging. Available as the Backflip or the Port, both of these sockets tuck themselves away right into your worktop. With both a water-resistant coat and a touch to open mechanism, it adds an element of ease to modern living. And best of all? Both the Backflip and the Port are available in a sleek yet alluring Lacquered Black. That’s what makes this premium power solution the complete package and a must have for any darker design!
  1. It’s what’s inside that counts! That’s why AMBIA-LINE,  Blum’s premier inner-drawer dividing system, is such an important aspect of any kitchen. The one and only dividing system for LEGRABOX, this is a must have for any kitchen. You might not give much thought to the inner dividing system in your drawers, but the finishing touches are what make a house a home. With 6 different finishes, in both Elegant Wood and Classic Steel, this is kitchen design redefined. AMBIA-LINE is the only real complement to a bespoke drawer. With its innovative utilisation of space, it’s perfectly adapted to match your LEGRABOX, whatever your style. 
And just like all our other must haves, it works perfectly in a darker environment. With finishes of both Orion Grey and Terra Black, AMBIA-LINE blends seamlessly with LEGRABOX Orion Grey. It’s this harmonious design across our range which means all our must have darker design features blend seamlessly together into one distinguished darker design.

These were our 5 Must Haves for Darker Kitchen Designs, how did we do? Do you have any dark design inclinations of your own? Contact us across social media to have your say!
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