#FeatureFriday - 10 Top Tips on Storage in Your Kitchen

- 18/01/2019 @ 15:17
Ten Top Tips on Storage in Your Kitchen
Planning and designing a kitchen is fraught with difficulties. Do you go modern or traditional? Rustic or chrome? Hob or augur? Island or dining table? There are no easy choices in interior design, but thankfully we can help you out with your storage woes. So, without further ado, here are our 10 top tips for storage in your kitchen!

1. A kitchen is only as good as the team who fit it and the components which comprise it. That's why our number one top tip is to procure quality components and build your dream design from the ground up. Invest at the start and you only have to pay once, that's one of the quintessential building blocks of any project, but none more so then when it comes to kitchens. Think Blum, think Blumotion CLIP-TOP hinges, think the smooth movement of MOVENTO's specialised nylon runners. Blum's range of motion technologies is the global leader in the kitchen market. Invest in your kitchens future, with Blum.

Blum Hinge
2. Cupboards are a relic of kitchens past. Why limit yourself to such rigid storage? Cramped, cluttered, confounding and thoroughly constrictive; choose a more ergonomic innovation. Drawers are the optimum storage solution and with each passing year and fresh study, we see this fact being compounded and corroborated all the more. Offering increased ease of access and boasting ever higher storage capacities, the refinement of storage solutions has reached a pinnacle with LEGRABOX. Deeper, higher and wider than ever before, the options are endless. From deep drawers, to high fronts, Blum's LEGRABOX has an up to 70kg carrying capacity and an unmatched smoothness of motion.

3. Looking to lift your interior design to the next level? AVENTOS is a one of a kind innovative lift system. Engineered and produced by Blum, this wall cabinet solution is specifically designed with you in mind. With 6 individual lift mechanisms, there's something for everyone and an option to suit every interior environment. From parallel lifts, to Bi-folds and swings, you can choose the optimum solution to suit your dream kitchen.

4. Now we come to everyone's least favourite part of their kitchen, the dreaded corner cupboard. Awkward to access, limited storage capacity, and often possessing a dingy and drab aesthetic; a corner unit is a remnant of the dark ages of kitchen design. Fortunately, we have a solution for you! The Magic Corner Comfort and the Fluid II, from Peka Systems. Swiss engineered excellence, these two units are specifically designed to optimise that excess space and bring your storage to you. With high carrying capacities, a smooth range of motion and a stylish aesthetic; there's finally an answer for those dark corners!

fluid ii
5. Open your wall cabinets at the touch with TIP-ON and SERVO-DRIVE! There's nothing else quite like the unrivalled ease of access with AVENTOS assisted opening. Easy to use for the whole family, this is smart storage like no other! Now you can institute handle-less cabinet design for a refined aesthetic, making your dream kitchen a reality.

6. Do you want less bang for your buck? Are you tired of slamming drawers serenading you with their clacking clanging choir? Harmonise your home and quieten the chaos with Soft-close. Soft-close drawers are not a luxury, they're a staple of Blum's range and a necessity in the modern kitchen.

7. Be bespoke. Take control of your kitchen design! Are you sick and tired of hearing "it can't be done." "It doesn't work like that." "Sorry, we don't have that." Don't settle for other people's limitations, create your interior design your way. LEGRABOX means choice. Another advantage of drawers over cupboards is the fact they can be made bespoke. With any depth, with any width, customize your drawer with an extensive range of 35 design elements. LEGRABOX FREE comes with your choice of 3 design elements per drawer, 

8. It's what's inside that counts! That's why AMBIA-LINE is such an important aspect of any kitchen. Blum's premiere dividing system for LEGRABOX, this is a must have for any drawer based kitchen. You might not give much thought to the inner dividing system in your drawers, but the finishing touches are what make a house a home. With 6 different finishes, in both Elegant Wood and Classic Steel, this is kitchen design redefined. AMBIA-LINE is the only real complement to a bespoke drawer. With its innovative utilisation of space, it's perfectly adapted to match your LEGRABOX, whatever your style.

9. You know that lightbulb moment? When you get a really good idea, you solve the puzzle, and a light comes? Well that's because we all associate light, with feeling good. A room is only as inviting as its lighting. An aesthetic is only as engrossing as the ambience it creates. That's why lighting is so important! When it comes to illuminating your dream design, there's only one name up to the task, a lighting brand without compare, L&S Smart Lighting. From under cabinet spotlights to in-drawer illumination, there's something for every scenario in their extensive range. That's why we recommend every kitchen fitter incorporate them into their next project!
10. What's our number one storage solution? That's easy, it has Blum's SPACETOWER. A natural evolution of storage, this is an expansion upon the Pull-Out larder and a refinement of everything storage solutions aspire to be. Offering clear visibility, an excellent ease of access and a simply unmatched aesthetic appeal, this is a storage revolution. Combined with LEGRABOX, SPACETOWER sits at the very pinnacle of interior design. Ergonomic, practical, visually stunning and functionally unmatched, this is kitchen design redefined.

LDL are purveyors of high quality furniture components, our products are designed for life, carefully considered and engineered to last. From Blum furniture fittings and Furnipart handles to PEKA storage solutions and WESCO waste systems, we're passionate about high quality components. We only select trusted brands which are guaranteed for life. There's a reason why we're currently supplying most of the fitted furniture manufacturers around the UK. 

Our pledge? We won't let you down.
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