#FeatureFriday - 5 Storage Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

- 11/01/2019 @ 14:59
A kitchen is only as good as the organisation in it. Modern life is so often a mad rush and the ever-growing clutter can quickly become unmanageable in any room, nowhere more so than the kitchen. Nestled in the heart of the house, it’s a hotbed of activity and one of the focal points of any event. That’s why there’s so many storage solutions out there pertaining to offer order unto the chaos of modern living, but how can you tell what’s right for you?
Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you! We’ve taken the time and done our research, putting drawers and larders through their paces to separate the savvy space savers from the claustrophobic clutter collectors. So here’s our five top storage solutions to save your dream kitchen from mess and disorder, you can thank us later!
Part of the struggle with searching for smart storage is finding a space-saving solution. Whether your kitchens big or small, you need to make the most of what you’ve got. One of the worst offending areas in this regard, is your corner units. The low cupboard everyone dreads, ignominiously stuffed with old pans and pieces of Tupperware you might eventually use… one day. An ingenious solution for maximising the potential and accessibility of your corner cupboard is the Magic Corner Comfort from Peka.
Magic Corner Comfort
Swiss engineering at its finest, this is a contemporary fix to an age-old problem. With its innovative roll out technology and excellent ease of access, it’s the optimal storage solution for corner cupboards. Coming as standard with an integrated Soft-close mechanism and easy assembly clip on/clip off shelving, it’s simply a fantastically developed system that’s unrivalled in the corner cupboard market.
But what about larder units? Well when it comes to storage solutions which make a difference, there’s only two real choices. The first, another product produced by Peka, is their latest innovation in space optimisation, the Pleno Plus Pull-Out Larder!
Another staple of Swiss engineered excellence, it comes with a variety of features which set it apart from other storage. Championing the dual principles of clear visibility and ease of access, the smooth engineering of its roll-out mechanism make things simple. No hard to reach items, no forgotten clutter, just a rather clever storage solution.
Space Tower is more than just a storage solution, it’s a storage revolution! It’s the first truly bespoke answer to cupboards and cabinets. With Blum’s patented ergonomic design, paired with unparalleled ease of access, makes Space Tower the kitchen designers’ favourite. 
Don’t settle on what you’re told you must have, have your kitchen, your way! Take back control of your kitchen design. With LDL’s range of design elements, and our guarantee for life, there’s really no reason not to try our 3D production! As international exemplars of Austrian engineering, Blum seen as are a staple of quality across the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom industry! There’s a reason the whole world is talking about Space Tower!
The AVENTOS lift system is the perfect complement to wall cabinets. With a variety of opening mechanisms, it allows you the flexibility to create a truly bespoke modern kitchen. With both SERVO-DRIVE and Tip-On Blumotion, there really is a range of possibilities.
AVENTOS lift system
With kitchens, the golden rule is it has to be easy. Accessibility and visibility are the key pillars upon which all kitchen design must be predicated. No other wall cabinet solution provides the same degree of choice or the same timeless aesthetic charm! 
For all things Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, think Blum quality with that same great LDL customer service! With our innovative 3D production line, we can save you time, cost and manpower. All for just £1.99, now that’s great service! Coming as standard with next day delivery and a lifetime guarantee, that’s the LDL pledge. By giving you the freedom of choice, which only our extensive range can offer, we hope that you’ll be able to make your kitchen design, your kitchen design. It’s that dedication to customer service which sets us apart and that’s why we have the UK’s largest range of AMBIA-LINE!
AMBIA-LINE is more than just a set of drawer inserts, it’s the only solution to match your bespoke LEGRABOX drawers! AMBIA-LINE is the perfect complement to LEGRABOX drawers, ergonomic yet stylish, it’s a testament to Austrian design. Internationally revered craftsmanship combined with peerless innovation in storage solutions is what makes the AMBIA-LINE range so very adaptable for modern living. And those were our 5 top tips for storage solutions in the modern kitchen. Make your kitchen clutter free, contact LDL today to see our wide range of options for you!
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