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L&S Lighting Solution

- 04/01/2019 @ 15:09
#FeatureFriday is back and as a brand new year so we thought we’d shine a light on our brand NEW product range! It’s out with the old and in with the new! The future of LDL’s lighting solutions is bright, the future is L&S. But who are L&S?

Allow us to cast some illumination upon our newest brand partner. L&S are one of the global leaders in interior lighting. Established in 1977, in just 40 years they’ve grown from a humble Italian lighting company to an internationally renowned brand.


Synonymous with prestige, their high-tech lighting solutions are now distributed to over 70 countries globally. Their unique vision for innovative design, coupled with a wealth of experience, is why their range of lighting solutions are so prized in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom industry. Their success stems from their peerless dedication to refining atmospheric illumination. Light is a quintessential element in any design, capable of setting mood, enhancing aesthetics, and enriching an environment. It’s this belief, which sits at the core of the L&S philosophy, that makes them such a quality addition to the LDL roster.

Lighting solutions

They’re the latest brand to be adopted by LDL and a perfect complement to our pursuit of continuous improvement. We’re proud to be their sole distributor in the UK and excited to bring their exclusive lighting solutions to a new market.
So that’s who L&S are, but why are they right for LDL?

As with everything we do, we put you the customer at the forefront of all our decision making. As we evolved as a company, we ‘ve strived hard to remain true to our values of quality products and peerless customer service. With that in mind, we’ve become the exclusive UK distributor for L&S lighting.

Cabinet lighting

So why L&S? Because their values of pioneering innovation match up with our pursuit of excellence, because we only want to associate with brands worthy of the name and distribute products that we can stand by. Don’t just take our word for it, let’s talk lighting!

We’ve consolidated our range, dropping the clutter and excess but keeping the lighting solutions you know and love. By refining our selection, we’ve sought to improve the quality of your choice across the board. Everything, every solitary L&S light we offer, is built from the latest cutting-edge LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. LEDs are both longer lasting than their older halogen counterparts, whilst simultaneously offering a higher degree of energy efficiency and lower power consumption. But the best reason to make the switch to LED? Because it offers you a wider range of control and choice over your lighting its settings.

Lucky light

LDL’s L&S range offers Emotional Dual Colour lighting solutions, which means YOU can dictate the Kelvin temperature of the light. From Warm, to Neutral, to Cool, adjust the aesthetic of the room to suit your style. That’s just another reason why L&S are one of the global leaders in lighting solutions, and yet another reason why we’re proud to represent them in the UK market.

Curved cabinet lights

From shelf lighting, to surface cabinet lights, recessed lights for drawers, LED tapes and Infra-red switches; LDL’s range of lighting has never been so robust or comprised of such quality! Part of the lasting appeal of L&S is just how simple they make the job for you. Now, every single light we ship comes complete with the full range of screws/fittings you need to fit them. Every driver is completely compatible and standardised to 12 volts. Take the hassle out of light fitting, try the L&S way.


We’re confident that whatever your requirements, whatever your specifications, you’ll find our brand new lighting selection the perfect addition to your interior design dreams. Visit the Lighting & Sockets page on the LDL website to peruse our latest innovations at your leisure. Simplified, refined, expanded.

The future of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom lighting is bright, the future is L&S!


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