#FeatureFriday - Blum Austria
Blum Austria

- 14/12/2018 @ 15:13
As the Christmas Countdown ticks down and the festive feeling grows stronger by the day, we hope you’ve still got time for this week’s #FeatureFriday!

The LDL team have stepped into the heart of the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom world as we took Blum’s invitation to visit their headquarters in Höchst, Austria. Leaving sunny Hadfield in the north of England, we travelled by car, plane and train, all the way to Zurich.


But whilst there’s much to see and do in Switzerland, including visiting our favourite storage designers, the erstwhile team of engineers over at Peka; this time we had a very important date with Blum. A coach ride later and we traversed our way through the mountains and into Austria proper.

Beyond the stunning mountain ranges, snow-capped forests, and classic Austrian architecture, there was something else catching our eye. As we entered Höchst, we discovered just how deep Blum’s roots ran. Boasting 8 different factories, with a ninth under production and plans for a tenth in the pipeline, wherever you step in Höchst you find Blum orange is just around the corner.


On the second day the tour began in earnest. Stepping through the doors, chaperoned by our gracious hosts Martin & Dominik, we walked the many floors and factories which fuel Höchst’s local economy and gleaned a peak behind the curtain into what turned Blum from a family business into the globe spanning household name they are today.


From self-driving forklift trucks to an underground tunnel connecting their factories, there really was no expense spared. They even have their own railway! The scale of industry and progress within the Blum brand is a stage beyond anything we’d ever seen before. It’s something of a pilgrimage for any Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom enthusiast to visit Blum, and now we’ve had a glimpse of the level of precision and craftmanship that goes into every single one of their products; we know why.

There are motion technologies companies, and then there’s Blum.


Unmatched, unrivalled, they’ve refined their process until it’s truly something of a marvel to behold. That’s why the Blum brand has become synonymous with quality, because from the manufacturing, the refinement, the development, and even their selection of distributors, there’s something very special about the way they work. That’s why, here at LDL, we’re proud to be the UK’s largest distributor of Blum products. We’re happy to represent such a prestigious company and honoured to be the country’s distributor of choice. When you think Blum, think LDL.

From the Blum Austria team and everyone here at the LDL family, we sincerely want to tell you how grateful we our for your continued support and custom. Every kitchen needs Blum and every kitchen fitter needs LDL, and it’s the strength of our partnership which has the future of the KBB industry looking so bright!

LDL team

Now all that’s left to say is we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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