#FeatureFriday - Matt the Product Wizard

Matt LDL Lighting

- 30/11/2018 @ 15:41
For this week’s #FeatureFriday we wanted to tease some new products and shine a light on the workings going on behind the scenes. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce LDL’s own product champion and technical wizard, Matt!

At the ripe old age of 22, Matt is the youngest member of the team but he’s already a grizzled veteran of all things Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom. He’s become an essential part of the LDL team and we can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t here to help.

When did you join the LDL family?

“November 2015… it was a Monday.”

And what’s your role here?

“Product development and Product management.”

That’s putting it mildly. He’s a font of technical knowledge and has a direct line for every kind of question, from both inside the company and out. It seems like he’s got all the answers, sometimes we wonder what we ever did without him! If you ever need to know the difference between a CLIP top & CLIP top BLUMOTION hinge, or you want to know exactly how to fit your AVENTOS HK-XS, he’s the man to call.

l&s lighting LDL

And what are you working on here?

“I’m getting to grips with some of the latest samples from L&S lighting!”

Hard at work, we caught him in a rare moment away from updating our website and products. As we introduce more exciting developments in our product range, it’s Matt who leads the charge on improving and refining our selection.
We talked about what it takes for someone so young to apply themselves with such vigour to become so integral to a company. Obviously, it comes with hard work and due diligence, but he refused to take all the credit for his success. In the end, he said it’s about teamwork and sharing a vision with the people around you.

What’s your favourite thing about LDL?”

 “My favourite thing is the people who work here. The whole place is filled with good people, they’re a great team. We’re a friendly company, inside and out, and I hope that comes across!”

It’s that kind of attitude that really makes the LDL magic happen. We don’t want to be the biggest, but we’ll never stop trying to be the best. It’s the people who make it all possible, and it’s that atmosphere of diligence and warmth that keeps us all striving to improve. From our 3D bespoke production, to our famed customer service, we work harder so you don’t have to!

And finally, we’ll leave you with a quote from the man himself! We asked him, why should people choose LDL?

“Because we make things easy. It’s about the quality of service & the availability of our products. And of course, our in-house bespoke 3D service!”

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