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- 05/10/2018 @ 12:03

For this week’s #FeatureFriday we wanted to shine the spotlight upon the fantastic 100% Design show and the amazing people who made it possible! Bright and early on a mid-September morning, the LDL team left Hadfield and caught a train down to London to visit the Olympia. But what wonders were hiding under it’s roof? Why the 2018 100% Design exhibition of course!

We’ve always wanted to pay a visit to 100% Design, and we’re so glad we finally took the time to. Between the scope and quality of the stands, the enthusiasm and the expertise of the proprietors, and just the sheer excitement radiating around the hall, it knocked our socks off! We were really impressed with this year’s turn out and displays, more so than we could ever show in this blog, but we’ll try anyway. Here’s a select few of our highlights!

100% CROWD

Looks like we came to the right place! We were pleased to see so many enthusiastic faces filling the Olympia!
It's always great to meet talented designers, fitters, builders, artists, KBB professionals, furniture craftsmen, and mad-hat creators! It’s such a great industry we work in and we were happy to see so many excited faces, both the familiar and the new!


We were very impressed with Nook's showcase! Stylish, comfy, compact, it's a soundproofed enclave that really takes you away from any distractions. We thought it a great little addition to any office environment. We might even pick up a couple for our new design room!

Back 2

Back 2's exhibit really struck a cord and its our top pick for tables in 100% Design! With both a child’s and adult’s desk, in a variety of finishes, had a completely adjustable height and both a gas-powered and cord pull variant. Very impressive stuff and one of our favorite showcases of the whole exhibition!


Is handle-less going before its even started? Bold as brass and back in black, the trends we saw at this year’s exhibition are that brass is here to stay and black handles are even more popular than ever!


EVOline stole the show when it comes to tech! Showcasing the latest and greatest in power & socket solutions, their backflip power port puts the funk into function! We’re always impressed by EVOline, but this year even more so. From towers to backflips, their subtle designs are a must have for any office / showroom!


Well Lit’s classic aesthetical charm, and the handmade nature of their products, really appealed to us here at LDL. We believe in quality and in-house production, and that’s something that’ll always get our vote!

100% design

The new brochure is out! This year's 100% Design literature is as good as ever, filled with insights on everything the exhibition had to offer. Though we've done one better and created this presentation for you! To keep up to date with all things design, and the cutting edge of Kitchens, Bedrooms, & Bathrooms, follow us on social media.

Finally, we’d like to take a moment to offer up thanks and recognition to the many talented and passionate professionals who took the time to attend and/or showcase at 100% Design. This is a wonderful industry we’re lucky enough to work in and it just wouldn’t be the same without you all. So, congratulations on a show well done, thanks for your hard and dedication, and we’ll see you at the next show!

100% design

Speaking of the next show, those of you attending SICAM 2018 will see the LDL team touring the exhibitions and getting stuck into all things kitchens, bedrooms, & bathrooms. We hope to see you there!


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