A Charity Cycle to Remember

- 05/09/2018 @ 09:00
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Here in the LDL family, we like to go the extra mile. This is the story of how one of our team went the extra 689 miles for charity.

Cyclists pose by Czech Republic border sign

Dan Bradbury, LDL’s premier Marketer & Copywriter, undertook a massive task. A herculean feat of cycling and endurance, and he did it all for charity. Many of us couldn’t raise the will to cycle to work, but to raise money for Candlelighters, a leading charity in the fight against children’s cancer, Dan took it upon himself to do a charity cycle from the university of Leeds all the way to Prague.

On the 18th of June, on a very sunny day in Leeds, Dan and forty of his university peers began their nine day expedition. It’d be a journey fraught with challenges and accidents, entailing traversing four countries and surmounting mountains both literal and mental. In the end, perhaps its summed up best by the man himself.

“It was a challenge, but its something you look back on and you’re glad you did.”

Team pose with Czech flag

It rained for seven days, from Hull, through to Belgium, the Netherlands and half way across Germany. In this tale of constant downpour and flooded tents, you’d think the weather was the biggest challenge Dan and his group had to face, but nothing worth doing is easy and this was no different. On the second day, tragedy struck.

One of the other cyclists in their group crashed into a bollard, throwing her from her bike and breaking her arm. Dan, following behind, also crashed. Going over his handle bars, he recalled how he could see the bike behind him hurtling closer in the moments before it hit him. Thrown from his bike and ran over, for many that’d have been the end of their trip, but not for him. With a severe injury to his left knee, he was offered the opportunity to bow out, but refused. Instead he chose to tackle a further seven days of cycling, debilitating injury and all, for charity.

But its not all doom and gloom! When asked about the more positive aspect of the journey, Dan regaled me with his most memorable moment.

“On the eighth day, we climbed up 5160 feet, cycling up and up, over the course of eighty miles. When we reached the top, the strangest thing happened, the rain stopped and the sun came out.”

He recalls how the breath-taking view, and the race down the other side of the mountain, are something he’ll never forget. His odyssey came to an end by the famous Metronome building in Prague’s centre, a monument at the very heart of the Czech Republic. After nine days travelling, covering 689 miles across most of Western Europe, their journey finally came to an end.

Cyclists triumphantly raise their bikes above their heads

Dan alone managed to raise £440 for Candlelighters, helping aid the forefront in the battle against children’s cancer. For a tale filled with feats of endurance and selfless dedication, there’s only one way to bring this to a close, with a Q&A with the man himself.
So Dan, what made you decide to cycle nearly 700 miles to raise money for charity?

“I’ve actually done a charity cycle last year, from Leeds university to Barcelona. I managed to raise £537 for the Alzheimers’ Society that time, a charity close to my heart.”

Why Prague this time around?

“I didn’t pick the ride on the destination, I did it because it was something I wanted to do for charity.”

What’s next?

“I’d like to keep going to raise more money for worthy causes. I think next year, maybe Rome… Though I’d have to cycle over the Alps, but I’m always up for a challenge!”
Dan & co pose before Prague's skyline

Dan has so far managed to reach 80% of his target donations. If you want to help out in the fight against children’s cancer and get that to 100%, you can support Dan in his donation to Candlelighters by following the link below, which is still open to donations. Or in his own words:

“Donate a few quid to a great charity and watch me suffer for 9 days, perfect.”

That’s it from us here at LDL, but we’ll keep you posted on our future projects for charity. If you’d like to donate directly to any of the causes mentioned, you can find the links below, and I’m sure you’ll all join us in congratulating Dan for a hard job well done!

Donate to Dan's fundraiser!

Or if you'd like to donate to the charities directly, the links are below.

Donate to the Candlelighters!

Donate to the Alzheimer's Society!
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