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- 14/02/2017 @ 09:49
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Our new Move and Switch cutlery inserts and dividing systems are specifically designed to work with the Blum Legrabox and Antaro Drawers.

You may often find that off the shelf cutlery inserts do not always have the desired size compartments for the utensils, cutlery and other kitchen equipment that you might wish to store in them. Both the Move and the Switch inserts offer choice and the optimum organisation for kitchen drawers.

Move Cutlery inserts for Blum Antaro drawers:
The Move plastic cutlery inserts in slate grey have been designed to fit and complement the Blum Antaro drawer box. With additional dividers, this allows the user to divide the larger compartments of the insert to a size that may be more suited to the contents.
The Move cutlery insert is strong, durable and flexible. It is available in seven different size configurations to fit most drawer widths.

Switch dividing systems, suitable for both Blum Legrabox and Antaro:
The Switch dividing systems allow kitchen utensils, cutlery and equipment to be organised using a mix of plastic and oak inserts. This makes for a unique design that is completely versatile and both stylish and practical. There is a total of eleven different components which make up the collection, including a knife block, foil dispenser and spice rack.

Both the Move and Switch inserts are all about optimising the use of the drawer space. They allow the consumer to customise the internal space to suit their personal requirements and, of course, to review this by re-positioning the inserts when necessary. As with all of our products, they are ‘Designed for Life’.

We all know that when we are busy in the kitchen preparing a delicious feast for family and friends there is nothing worse than panicking when trying to find that crucial spice for your dish or the tongs to toss your fresh summer salad.

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