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- 28/07/2016 @ 10:02
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The difficulty designers/retailers face is informing the consumer how an efficient and effective workflow system can positively influence their lives without them being able to see it themselves. If you are a keen cook you are familiar with the struggle of rummaging through cereals and old ice cream tubs to find a mixing bowl or coming across an olive oil bottle you bought 6 months ago. When a consumer uses quality storage systems from the start, they can appreciate how easy things become and how efficient they can be in the running of their kitchens. 

In terms of aesthetics, I would say that the area people see most and therefore the one they focus on would be the exterior of the kitchen. However, in terms of technical design and the amount of effort to be put in, the interior is of the utmost importance. Great design is key in the longevity of the product, making sure it flows smoothly and can be used by people of all ages. The focus needs to be on utilising the space that is available, in a world where a lack of space is becoming commonplace, properly utilising the space we do have and making effective use of every given area within the kitchen and the home, is a key factor in designing new kitchens and for the future of the industry.
The focus in recent years has been on corner cupboard solutions, such as the Peka Fluid Corner or Magic Corner. International fixture & fittings manufacturer BLUM has introduced the Legrabox Space Tower which consists of premium drawers with strong, rigid construction. This means you can store heavy bottles/pans without damaging the internal components and is therefore an alternative to larder systems. The Peka Fluid Corner creates an image of pure visual intrigue with its unique but purposeful design and smooth motion, allowing any person to easily find what they are looking for. The Fluid Corner is unique in the sense that it emphasises the manufacturers' dedication to consumer satisfaction by putting the needs of the user first when designing a system. Though it has been around for a few years now, retailers are starting to see the benefit of the system for ease of use, reducing the waste of space and for pure quality design. The new anthracite design is a fine tuned, beautifully designed piece, that allows users of all ages the ability to access that extra space at the back of the cupboard to leave the popcorn maker that is never used or a collection of random sized bowls that really serve no purpose.

Years of research go into the simplest of ideas, to better understand and aid the consumer. In today’s market you can find similarly designed products for all manner of budgets but it is near impossible to replicate the craftsmanship, work and quality that goes into the top systems and devices, such as Blum. With integration of storage solutions in the kitchen itself, it allows the user to better use the time they have and reduces clutter around the working area. Instead of having a freestanding bin taking up space for example, you can now include this within the internals of a design, if so desired. However, these innovations come at a cost and if you want quality storage solutions then you need to pay a premium price. Bar systems, such as the Midway, are not just for holding utensils/tea towels but these are now a part of the design of the kitchen. It is a superior quality piece with finishes such as stainless steel that’s long lasting, easy to maintain and works in the majority of designs. Of course you could buy an entry level system but this will be reflected in the overall quality of the kitchen. In the end, it is accent pieces like the Midway that turn a good kitchen into a great kitchen.

Overall, this blog highlights the importance of not necessarily focusing all your attention on the external aspects of a kitchen but making sure internal systems are considered in the first instance and adapted to suit your needs. After all, the main purpose of a kitchen is to cook food and you could have your kitchen for 10+ years so spending a little time and money making sure you have something in place that will allow you to work comfortably and efficiently, will go a long way to contributing to how happy you are at dinner time. 

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