First Friday Chippy Club

It’s First Friday Chippy Club! A time-honoured tradition here at LDL towers, the company buys everyone a chippy lunch (or breakfast butty) on the first Friday of every month.

From our drawer experts on our 3D production line, to our ever-expanding Account Management team in the office; every gets a portion of Hadfield’s finest grub!

We thought we’d shake things up and bid farewell to #FeatureFriday, and instead invite you to join us for a monthly roundup every First Friday Chippy Club.

So, put your feet up and gra...
It’s #FeatureFriday and we wanted to use this an opportunity to discuss some important news. LDL Components is closing for business on Friday the 5th & Monday the 8th of July. We will re-open again as normal at 8:30am on Tuesday the 9th.

The reason for the closure is due to the installation of a brand-new ERP operating system. The ERP system controls and powers e...
What's New?
It's #FeatureFriday and we wanted to highlight some of the amazing developments going on in the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom industry. Interzum 2019 was a fantastic exhibition with thousands of exhibitors and a true cavalcade of design innovations on display. We saw voice-activated waste bins, new recycling initiatives and even a new line of...
It’s #FeatureFriday and we wanted to take a look behind the curtain and show you how things operate at the heart of LDL towers! Our 3D drawer assembly line was born from the idea that we could make your lives easier and take some of the hassle out of interior fitting. We’ve been blown away with the overwhelming popularity and support for our 3D service, but we&rsq...

It's #FeatureFriday and we've created a PDF all about team LDL's adventures at the Interzum 2019 exhibition.

Interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. A bi-annual event housed in Cologne Germany, it attracts companies and designers from the ent...