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Our new Move and Switch cutlery inserts and dividing systems are specifically designed to work with the Blum Legrabox and Antaro Drawers.

You may often find that off the shelf cutlery inserts do not always have the desired size compartments for the utensils, cutlery and other kitchen equipment that you might wish to store in them. Both the Move and the Switch inserts offer choice and the optimum organisation for kitchen drawers.

Move Cutlery inserts for Blum Antaro drawers:
The Move plastic cutlery inserts in slate grey have been designed to fit and complement the Blum An...
Our final deliveries for 2016 will be on Friday 23rd December so the cut-off for orders for delivery before Christmas will be 5pm the previous day, Thursday 22nd December.
After the festive break, it will be business as usual from 3rd January 2017 with first deliveries on the 4th January.
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The difficulty designers/retailers face is informing the consumer how an efficient and effective workflow system can positively influence their lives without them being able to see it themselves. If you are a keen cook you are familiar with the struggle of rummaging through cereals and old ice cream tubs to find a mixing bowl or coming across an oli...
We are told on a daily basis that we have to be greener. Whether it be reducing our carbon footprint by reaching for the trainers instead of the car keys or jumping in the shower instead of filling up the bath. But what does going green mean when we look at the kitchen? What do you do in the kitchen today to reduce your environmental impact? What is there in the world today to...
No two kitchens are the same. Even if you get a standard, off-the-shelf, Ikea style kitchen there will be items unique to you that make the kitchen your own. However, most kitchens in the UK will share similar attributes to each other in the way they are styled and what is considered the “Best approach” to design/manufacturing. Designers have to utilise what materia...